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Team Captains

Report Date: 05/26/2019

Team Captain Captain's Home Phone Captain's Mobile Phone Location Location's Phone
Blake Richardson Blake Richardson 712-430-1188 Buddys Tavern
Colton Jensen Colton Jensen 712-592-0240 Corn Palace
Danny Bartholomew Danny Bartholomew 319-230-8019 Watering Hole
Ed Pamperin Ed Pamperin 515-851-2808 Rails
Eddie Perez Eddie Perez 219-413-1282 Tailgators
Jacob Mott Jacob Mott 641-831-5295 Sambettis
Jacob Pettis Jacob Pettis 507-430-5860 Redwood Falls VFW
Josh Larsen Josh Larsen 507-829-7942 Redwood Falls VFW
Kurtis Witherby Kurtis Witherby 815-516-4001 Park Lanes
Kyle Junion Kyle Junion 563-940-2199 Otis Tailgators CR
Matt Delagardelle Matt Delagardelle 319-429-0195 The Saloon
Matt Kass Matt Kass 563-543-2774 Eichmans
Matthew Martineau Matthew Martineau 85-520-8666 Park Lanes
Nate Yost Nate Yost 815-272-1467 Colonial Lanes
Rob Minick Rob Minick 515-402-1565 Sambettis
Tom True Tom True 563-506-246 Missterssippis
Trae Evans William Trae Evans 515-302-9511 Chesterfield
Tyler Montgomery Tyler Montgomery 812-887-2917 Vincennes Eagles

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