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North American Dart Organization
1400 S. Raney St
Effingham, IL 62401
(833) 840-9233

Schedule Report for NM2LAB - Mon Dbls 125 Cap RvHD 7pm

Report Date: 5/18/2022 12:41 AM

# Div. Team / Site Name Captain Name / Site Address Captain / Site Phone
1AAverage To Savage
Athens Corner Pub
Josh Bloodworth
100 N. Main Athens, IL 62613
2ABrian And Al
Jimmy's North Star
Brian Duenkel
328 Frost Street La Crosse, WI 62401
TNT Lounge
Karen Murphy
111 N. Sandusky Ave. Upper Sandusky, OH 43351
4AIn The Neighbors
West Morgan Depot
Rich Lippert
213 W. Morgan St. Jacksonville, IL 62650
O'Kelly's Sports Bar
Kevin Petersen
2000 S. Mission St. Mt Pleasant, MI 62401
Bison Bar
George Van Ham
618 Main Street Miles City, MT 59301

Division A

Week Date Home Away At Notes
1 1/24/2022
Pointless Wonkru O'Kelly's Sports Bar
Dartaholics Average To Savage TNT Lounge
In The Neighbors Brian And Al West Morgan Depot
2 1/31/2022
In The Neighbors Wonkru West Morgan Depot
Brian And Al Dartaholics Jimmy's North Star
Average To Savage Pointless Athens Corner Pub
3 2/07/2022
3/07/2022 Wonkru Average To Savage Bison Bar
Pointless Brian And Al O'Kelly's Sports Bar
Dartaholics In The Neighbors TNT Lounge
4 2/14/2022
Dartaholics Wonkru TNT Lounge
In The Neighbors Pointless West Morgan Depot
Brian And Al Average To Savage Jimmy's North Star
5 2/21/2022
Wonkru Brian And Al Bison Bar
Average To Savage In The Neighbors Athens Corner Pub
Pointless Dartaholics O'Kelly's Sports Bar
6 2/28/2022
Wonkru Pointless Bison Bar
Average To Savage Dartaholics Athens Corner Pub
Brian And Al In The Neighbors Jimmy's North Star
7 3/07/2022
Wonkru In The Neighbors Bison Bar
Dartaholics Brian And Al TNT Lounge
Pointless Average To Savage O'Kelly's Sports Bar
8 3/14/2022
Average To Savage Wonkru Athens Corner Pub
Brian And Al Pointless Jimmy's North Star
In The Neighbors Dartaholics West Morgan Depot
9 3/21/2022
Wonkru Dartaholics Bison Bar
3/22/2022 Pointless In The Neighbors O'Kelly's Sports Bar
Average To Savage Brian And Al Athens Corner Pub
10 3/28/2022
Brian And Al Wonkru Jimmy's North Star
In The Neighbors Average To Savage West Morgan Depot
Dartaholics Pointless TNT Lounge

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