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North American Dart Organization
1400 S. Raney St
Effingham, IL 62401
(833) 840-9233

Schedule Report for NS1GC0 - Sun Sgls 70 Cap RvHD 1pm

Report Date: 05/29/2020

# Div. Team / Site Name Captain Name / Site Address Captain / Site Phone
1ABradley Brooks
Varsity Club
Bradley Brooks
570 N. Main St. Oshkosh, WI 54901
2AJason Gartin
Jason Gartin
1241 S. 22nd St Fort Dodge, IA 50501
3AJimmy Reed
The Thompson House
Jimmy Reed
711 E Thompson Rd Indianapolis, IN 43312
4AKevin Shoemaker
Twisted Sisters
Kevin Shoemaker
378 Rt 37 Kell, IL 62853
5ARon Sale
I R Here
Ron Sale
5716 W. Plank Rd. Peoria, IL 61604
6ATimothy Brown
Tim Brown
1019 Veterans St Red Bud, IL 62278
7ATony Preston
Noggins Pub
Tony Preston
821 Gallia St Portsmouth, OH 45662

Division A

Week Date Home Away At Notes
1 03/15/2020
Ron Sale Jason Gartin I R Here
Timothy Brown Tony Preston Ratzkeller
Kevin Shoemaker Jimmy Reed Twisted Sisters
Bradley Brooks BYE BYE
2 03/22/2020
Bradley Brooks Jason Gartin Varsity Club
BYE Kevin Shoemaker BYE
Jimmy Reed Timothy Brown The Thompson House
Tony Preston Ron Sale Noggins Pub
3 03/29/2020
Jason Gartin Tony Preston Chesterfield
Ron Sale Jimmy Reed I R Here
Timothy Brown BYE BYE
Kevin Shoemaker Bradley Brooks Twisted Sisters
4 04/05/2020
Kevin Shoemaker Jason Gartin Twisted Sisters
Bradley Brooks Timothy Brown Varsity Club
BYE Ron Sale BYE
Jimmy Reed Tony Preston The Thompson House
5 04/19/2020
Jason Gartin Jimmy Reed Chesterfield
Tony Preston BYE BYE
Ron Sale Bradley Brooks I R Here
Timothy Brown Kevin Shoemaker Ratzkeller
6 04/26/2020
Timothy Brown Jason Gartin Ratzkeller
Kevin Shoemaker Ron Sale Twisted Sisters
Bradley Brooks Tony Preston Varsity Club
BYE Jimmy Reed BYE
7 05/03/2020
Jason Gartin BYE BYE
Jimmy Reed Bradley Brooks The Thompson House
Tony Preston Kevin Shoemaker Noggins Pub
Ron Sale Timothy Brown I R Here
8 05/10/2020
Jason Gartin Ron Sale Chesterfield
Tony Preston Timothy Brown Noggins Pub
Jimmy Reed Kevin Shoemaker The Thompson House
BYE Bradley Brooks BYE
9 05/17/2020
Jason Gartin Bradley Brooks Chesterfield
Kevin Shoemaker BYE BYE
Timothy Brown Jimmy Reed Ratzkeller
Ron Sale Tony Preston I R Here
10 05/31/2020
Tony Preston Jason Gartin Noggins Pub
Jimmy Reed Ron Sale The Thompson House
BYE Timothy Brown BYE
Bradley Brooks Kevin Shoemaker Varsity Club
11 06/07/2020
Jason Gartin Kevin Shoemaker Chesterfield
Timothy Brown Bradley Brooks Ratzkeller
Ron Sale BYE BYE
Tony Preston Jimmy Reed Noggins Pub
12 06/14/2020
Jimmy Reed Jason Gartin The Thompson House
BYE Tony Preston BYE
Bradley Brooks Ron Sale Varsity Club
Kevin Shoemaker Timothy Brown Twisted Sisters
13 06/21/2020
Jason Gartin Timothy Brown Chesterfield
Ron Sale Kevin Shoemaker I R Here
Tony Preston Bradley Brooks Noggins Pub
Jimmy Reed BYE BYE
14 06/28/2020
BYE Jason Gartin BYE
Bradley Brooks Jimmy Reed Varsity Club
Kevin Shoemaker Tony Preston Twisted Sisters
Timothy Brown Ron Sale Ratzkeller

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