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North American Dart Organization
1400 S. Raney St
Effingham, IL 62401
(833) 840-9233

Schedule Report for NS1DJ0 - Sun Sgls 40 Cap RvHDCP 7p

Report Date: 5/19/2022 11:19 PM

# Div. Team / Site Name Site Address Site Phone
1AAlyssa Shade
Vincennes Eagles
 1325 Willow St Vincennes, IN 47591 812-882-9930
2AArt Moore
Curve Inn
 3219 S 6th Street Rd Springfield, IL 62703 217-529-5806
3ACara Hall
The Hall
 6003 Route 152 Wayne, WV 25570 304-638-4701
4AJamie Carr
Eagles Princeton
 301 N Hart St Princeton, IN 47670 812-385-2428
5AJayme Solomon
Bridgeside Pub
 1005 E 2nd ST Muscatine, IA 52761 563-554-5368
6AJosh Carpenter
Bridgeside Pub
 1005 E 2nd ST Muscatine, IA 52761 563-554-5368
7AKiefer Hopkins
Bridgeside Pub
 1005 E 2nd ST Muscatine, IA 52761 563-554-5368
8ALeeAnn Wilson
Moose Lodge Princetn
 1202 S Main Princeton, IN 47670 812-385-3928

Division A

Week Date Home Away At Notes
1 10/18/2020
Jayme Solomon Art Moore Bridgeside Pub
Jamie Carr Kiefer Hopkins Eagles Princeton
Cara Hall LeeAnn Wilson The Hall
Alyssa Shade Josh Carpenter Vincennes Eagles
2 10/25/2020
Alyssa Shade Art Moore Vincennes Eagles
Josh Carpenter Cara Hall Bridgeside Pub
LeeAnn Wilson Jamie Carr Moose Lodge Princetn
Kiefer Hopkins Jayme Solomon Bridgeside Pub
3 11/01/2020
Art Moore Kiefer Hopkins Curve Inn
Jayme Solomon LeeAnn Wilson Bridgeside Pub
Jamie Carr Josh Carpenter Eagles Princeton
Cara Hall Alyssa Shade The Hall
4 11/08/2020
Cara Hall Art Moore The Hall
Alyssa Shade Jamie Carr Vincennes Eagles
Josh Carpenter Jayme Solomon Bridgeside Pub
LeeAnn Wilson Kiefer Hopkins Moose Lodge Princetn
5 11/15/2020
Art Moore LeeAnn Wilson Curve Inn
Kiefer Hopkins Josh Carpenter Bridgeside Pub
Jayme Solomon Alyssa Shade Bridgeside Pub
Jamie Carr Cara Hall Eagles Princeton
6 11/22/2020
Jamie Carr Art Moore Eagles Princeton
Cara Hall Jayme Solomon The Hall
Alyssa Shade Kiefer Hopkins Vincennes Eagles
Josh Carpenter LeeAnn Wilson Bridgeside Pub
7 11/29/2020 Position Round Happy Thanksgiving! No matches!
8 12/06/2020
Art Moore Josh Carpenter Curve Inn
1/01/2021 LeeAnn Wilson Alyssa Shade Moose Lodge Princetn
1/01/2021 Kiefer Hopkins Cara Hall Bridgeside Pub
Jayme Solomon Jamie Carr Bridgeside Pub
9 12/13/2020
Art Moore Jayme Solomon Curve Inn
Kiefer Hopkins Jamie Carr Bridgeside Pub
12/30/2020 LeeAnn Wilson Cara Hall Moose Lodge Princetn
Josh Carpenter Alyssa Shade Bridgeside Pub
10 12/20/2020
Art Moore Alyssa Shade Curve Inn
12/28/2020 Cara Hall Josh Carpenter The Hall
Jamie Carr LeeAnn Wilson Eagles Princeton
Jayme Solomon Kiefer Hopkins Bridgeside Pub
11 12/27/2020 Position Round Merry Christmas! No matches!
12 1/03/2021
Kiefer Hopkins Art Moore Bridgeside Pub
LeeAnn Wilson Jayme Solomon Moose Lodge Princetn
Josh Carpenter Jamie Carr Bridgeside Pub
Alyssa Shade Cara Hall Vincennes Eagles
13 1/10/2021
1/06/2021 Art Moore Cara Hall Curve Inn
Jamie Carr Alyssa Shade Eagles Princeton
Jayme Solomon Josh Carpenter Bridgeside Pub
Kiefer Hopkins LeeAnn Wilson Bridgeside Pub
14 1/17/2021
LeeAnn Wilson Art Moore Moose Lodge Princetn
Josh Carpenter Kiefer Hopkins Bridgeside Pub
Alyssa Shade Jayme Solomon Vincennes Eagles
Cara Hall Jamie Carr The Hall
15 1/24/2021
Art Moore Jamie Carr Curve Inn
Jayme Solomon Cara Hall Bridgeside Pub
Kiefer Hopkins Alyssa Shade Bridgeside Pub
1/30/2021 LeeAnn Wilson Josh Carpenter Moose Lodge Princetn
16 1/31/2021
Josh Carpenter Art Moore Bridgeside Pub
Alyssa Shade LeeAnn Wilson Vincennes Eagles
Cara Hall Kiefer Hopkins The Hall
Jamie Carr Jayme Solomon Eagles Princeton

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