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North American Dart Organization
1400 S. Raney St
Effingham, IL 62401
(833) 840-9233

Schedule Report for NW2LEA - Wed Dbls 120 Cap RvHD 7pm

Report Date: 5/19/2022 11:57 PM

# Div. Team / Site Name Captain Name / Site Address Captain / Site Phone
1AB Player And Gibby
Otis Tailgators
Aaron Gibney
3969 Center Point Rd NE Cedar Rapids, IA 52402
Hero Pub
Gary Baker
15518 Pinehurst Dr Basehor, KS 66007
3ADroppedH I Dont Know
Chasers EVV
Tom VanVactor
2131 W Franklin St Evansville, IN 47712
4AOeh Beau
Darts And More
Beau Hartsock
2 Hawkeye Dr #102 North Liberty, IA 52317
5ASalty Darts
Sheridan Pub
Todd Laswell
625 Sheridan St Richmond, IN 47374
6ASandbar Duo
Mama Lees Sandbar
Roc Swick
6111 Mechanicsburg Rd Springfield, IL 62712
7AShots Plz
Mangy Dawg
Rob Vasicek
1832 Army Trail Rd. Hanover Park, IL 60133
8ATeam Chem
Pipas Pub
Brad Simmons
604 S Country Fair Dr Champaign, IL 61821

Division A

Week Date Home Away At Notes
1 5/05/2021
Shots Plz Sandbar Duo Mangy Dawg
B Player And Gibby Cesspoolians Otis Tailgators
Team Chem Oeh Beau Pipas Pub
Salty Darts DroppedH I Dont Know Sheridan Pub
2 5/12/2021
Salty Darts Sandbar Duo Sheridan Pub
DroppedH I Dont Know Team Chem Chasers EVV
Oeh Beau B Player And Gibby Darts And More
Cesspoolians Shots Plz Hero Pub
3 5/19/2021
Sandbar Duo Cesspoolians Mama Lees Sandbar
Shots Plz Oeh Beau Mangy Dawg
B Player And Gibby DroppedH I Dont Know Otis Tailgators
Team Chem Salty Darts Pipas Pub
4 5/26/2021
Team Chem Sandbar Duo Pipas Pub
Salty Darts B Player And Gibby Sheridan Pub
DroppedH I Dont Know Shots Plz Chasers EVV
Oeh Beau Cesspoolians Darts And More
5 6/02/2021
Sandbar Duo Oeh Beau Mama Lees Sandbar
Cesspoolians DroppedH I Dont Know Hero Pub
Shots Plz Salty Darts Mangy Dawg
B Player And Gibby Team Chem Otis Tailgators
6 6/09/2021
B Player And Gibby Sandbar Duo Otis Tailgators
Team Chem Shots Plz Pipas Pub
Salty Darts Cesspoolians Sheridan Pub
8/19/2021 DroppedH I Dont Know Oeh Beau Chasers EVV
7 6/16/2021
Sandbar Duo DroppedH I Dont Know Mama Lees Sandbar
Oeh Beau Salty Darts Darts And More
Cesspoolians Team Chem Hero Pub
Shots Plz B Player And Gibby Mangy Dawg
8 6/23/2021
Sandbar Duo Shots Plz Mama Lees Sandbar
Cesspoolians B Player And Gibby Hero Pub
Oeh Beau Team Chem Darts And More
BYE Salty Darts BYE
9 6/30/2021
Sandbar Duo Salty Darts Mama Lees Sandbar
Team Chem BYE BYE
B Player And Gibby Oeh Beau Otis Tailgators
Shots Plz Cesspoolians Mangy Dawg
10 7/07/2021
Cesspoolians Sandbar Duo Hero Pub
Oeh Beau Shots Plz Darts And More
DroppedH I Dont Know B Player And Gibby Chasers EVV
Salty Darts Team Chem Sheridan Pub
11 7/14/2021
Sandbar Duo Team Chem Mama Lees Sandbar
B Player And Gibby Salty Darts Otis Tailgators
Shots Plz BYE BYE
Cesspoolians Oeh Beau Hero Pub
12 7/21/2021
Oeh Beau Sandbar Duo Darts And More
BYE Cesspoolians BYE
Salty Darts Shots Plz Sheridan Pub
Team Chem B Player And Gibby Pipas Pub
13 7/28/2021
Sandbar Duo B Player And Gibby Mama Lees Sandbar
Shots Plz Team Chem Mangy Dawg
Cesspoolians Salty Darts Hero Pub
Oeh Beau BYE BYE
14 8/04/2021
BYE Sandbar Duo BYE
Salty Darts Oeh Beau Sheridan Pub
Team Chem Cesspoolians Pipas Pub
B Player And Gibby Shots Plz Otis Tailgators

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