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North American Dart Organization
1400 S. Raney St
Effingham, IL 62401
(833) 840-9233

Schedule Report for NS1FDA - Sun Sngls 60 Cap RvHD 5pm

Report Date: 5/19/2022 11:17 PM

# Div. Team / Site Name Captain Name / Site Address Captain / Site Phone
1ABen Witz
Heartbreakers Lk Hal
Ben Witz
1705 County Hwy OO Chippewa Falls, WI 54729
2AFrank Wells
Spotlight Video
Frank Wells
107 N Lincoln Robinson, IL 62465
3AGary Moore
Finish Line MT
Gary Moore
2268 Second St W Ballantine, MT 59006
4AKevin Petersen
Belding VFW
Kevin Petersen
148 N. Bridge St Belding, MI 48809
5ANoe Hurtado
The Q
Noe Hurtado
909 Middle Rd Bettendorf, IA 52722
6ARick Long
JTs Corner Bar
Rick Long
7228 Main St Wadesville, IN 47638
7ARobert Fruin
Peg's Pub And Grub
Robert Fruin
1020 State Rt 10 W Clinton, IL 61727
8ATimothy Brown
Tim Brown
1019 Veterans St Red Bud, IL 62278

Division A

Week Date Home Away At Notes
1 4/25/2021
Noe Hurtado Rick Long The Q
Timothy Brown Gary Moore Ratzkeller
Ben Witz Kevin Petersen Heartbreakers Lk Hal
Frank Wells Robert Fruin Spotlight Video
2 5/02/2021
Frank Wells Rick Long Spotlight Video
Robert Fruin Ben Witz Peg's Pub And Grub
Kevin Petersen Timothy Brown Belding VFW
Gary Moore Noe Hurtado Finish Line MT
3 5/09/2021
Rick Long Gary Moore JTs Corner Bar
Noe Hurtado Kevin Petersen The Q
Timothy Brown Robert Fruin Ratzkeller
Ben Witz Frank Wells Heartbreakers Lk Hal
4 5/16/2021
Ben Witz Rick Long Heartbreakers Lk Hal
Frank Wells Timothy Brown Spotlight Video
Robert Fruin Noe Hurtado Peg's Pub And Grub
Kevin Petersen Gary Moore Belding VFW
5 5/23/2021
Rick Long Kevin Petersen JTs Corner Bar
Gary Moore Robert Fruin Finish Line MT
Noe Hurtado Frank Wells The Q
Timothy Brown Ben Witz Ratzkeller
6 5/30/2021 Position Round Have a Great Memorial Weekend! No Scheduled Matches!
7 6/06/2021
Timothy Brown Rick Long Ratzkeller
5/30/2021 Ben Witz Noe Hurtado Heartbreakers Lk Hal
6/04/2021 Frank Wells Gary Moore Spotlight Video
6/20/2021 Robert Fruin Kevin Petersen Peg's Pub And Grub
8 6/13/2021
Rick Long Robert Fruin JTs Corner Bar
6/20/2021 Kevin Petersen Frank Wells Belding VFW
Gary Moore Ben Witz Finish Line MT
8/01/2021 Noe Hurtado Timothy Brown The Q
9 6/20/2021
Rick Long Noe Hurtado JTs Corner Bar
Gary Moore Timothy Brown Finish Line MT
Kevin Petersen Ben Witz Belding VFW
Robert Fruin Frank Wells Peg's Pub And Grub
10 6/27/2021
Rick Long Frank Wells JTs Corner Bar
Ben Witz Robert Fruin Heartbreakers Lk Hal
6/28/2021 Timothy Brown Kevin Petersen Ratzkeller
Noe Hurtado Gary Moore The Q
11 7/04/2021 Position Round Happy Independence Day! No Scheduled Matches!
12 7/11/2021
Gary Moore Rick Long Finish Line MT
Kevin Petersen Noe Hurtado Belding VFW
7/25/2021 Robert Fruin Timothy Brown Peg's Pub And Grub
Frank Wells Ben Witz Spotlight Video
13 7/18/2021
Rick Long Ben Witz JTs Corner Bar
Timothy Brown Frank Wells Ratzkeller
8/29/2021 Noe Hurtado Robert Fruin The Q
Gary Moore Kevin Petersen Finish Line MT
14 7/25/2021
Kevin Petersen Rick Long Belding VFW
Robert Fruin Gary Moore Peg's Pub And Grub
Frank Wells Noe Hurtado Spotlight Video
Ben Witz Timothy Brown Heartbreakers Lk Hal
15 8/01/2021
Rick Long Timothy Brown JTs Corner Bar
8/10/2021 Noe Hurtado Ben Witz The Q
7/16/2021 Gary Moore Frank Wells Finish Line MT
8/15/2021 Kevin Petersen Robert Fruin Belding VFW
16 8/08/2021
8/15/2021 Robert Fruin Rick Long Peg's Pub And Grub
Frank Wells Kevin Petersen Spotlight Video
7/27/2021 Ben Witz Gary Moore Heartbreakers Lk Hal
8/27/2021 Timothy Brown Noe Hurtado Ratzkeller

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