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North American Dart Organization
1400 S. Raney St
Effingham, IL 62401
(833) 840-9233

Schedule Report for NH1GH9 - THUR Sgls 70 Cap Rv Hdcp

Report Date: 10/24/2021 5:37 AM

# Div. Team / Site Name Site Address Site Phone
1ABrandon Curl
 115 North Street Russia, OH 45363 937-526-4800
2AJessie Williams
Jamie's Place
 2001 State Route 703 Celina, OH 45822 419-586-8400
3AJimmy Mangus
 926 Fourth Street Portsmouth, OH 45662 740-353-9331
4AKyle Cobb
Champions Sports Bar
 3304 W. Chain Of Rock Granite City, IL 62040 618-520-7669
5ARandy Murphy
 450 1st Ave Coralville, IA 52241 319-356-6914
6ARyan Bair
Jamie's Place
 2001 State Route 703 Celina, OH 45822 419-586-8400
7ATodd Laswell
Smiley's Pub
 39 N 8th St Richmond, IN 47374 765-962-6388
8AWojciech Baluch
Green Street
 35 E. Green St. Champaign, IL 61820 217-367-6844

Division A

Week Date Home Away At Notes
1 8/22/2019
Jessie Williams Wojciech Baluch Jamie's Place
Jimmy Mangus Brandon Curl Partytime
Todd Laswell Kyle Cobb Smiley's Pub
Randy Murphy Ryan Bair Tailgators
2 8/29/2019
Randy Murphy Wojciech Baluch Tailgators
Ryan Bair Todd Laswell Jamie's Place
Kyle Cobb Jimmy Mangus Champions Sports Bar
Brandon Curl Jessie Williams Cruizers
3 9/05/2019
Wojciech Baluch Brandon Curl Green Street
Jessie Williams Kyle Cobb Jamie's Place
Jimmy Mangus Ryan Bair Partytime
Todd Laswell Randy Murphy Smiley's Pub
4 9/12/2019
Todd Laswell Wojciech Baluch Smiley's Pub
Randy Murphy Jimmy Mangus Tailgators
Ryan Bair Jessie Williams Jamie's Place
Kyle Cobb Brandon Curl Champions Sports Bar
5 9/19/2019
Wojciech Baluch Kyle Cobb Green Street
9/12/2019 Brandon Curl Ryan Bair Cruizers
Jessie Williams Randy Murphy Jamie's Place
Jimmy Mangus Todd Laswell Partytime
6 9/26/2019
10/17/2019 Jimmy Mangus Wojciech Baluch Partytime
Todd Laswell Jessie Williams Smiley's Pub
Randy Murphy Brandon Curl Tailgators
Ryan Bair Kyle Cobb Jamie's Place
7 10/03/2019
Wojciech Baluch Ryan Bair Green Street
Kyle Cobb Randy Murphy Champions Sports Bar
Brandon Curl Todd Laswell Cruizers
Jessie Williams Jimmy Mangus Jamie's Place
8 10/10/2019
Wojciech Baluch Jessie Williams Green Street
Brandon Curl Jimmy Mangus Cruizers
Kyle Cobb Todd Laswell Champions Sports Bar
Ryan Bair Randy Murphy Jamie's Place
9 10/17/2019
Wojciech Baluch Randy Murphy Green Street
Todd Laswell Ryan Bair Smiley's Pub
Jimmy Mangus Kyle Cobb Partytime
Jessie Williams Brandon Curl Jamie's Place
10 10/24/2019
Brandon Curl Wojciech Baluch Cruizers
Kyle Cobb Jessie Williams Champions Sports Bar
Ryan Bair Jimmy Mangus Jamie's Place
Randy Murphy Todd Laswell Tailgators
11 10/31/2019
Wojciech Baluch Todd Laswell Green Street
Jimmy Mangus Randy Murphy Partytime
Jessie Williams Ryan Bair Jamie's Place
Brandon Curl Kyle Cobb Cruizers
12 11/07/2019
10/31/2019 Kyle Cobb Wojciech Baluch Champions Sports Bar
Ryan Bair Brandon Curl Jamie's Place
Randy Murphy Jessie Williams Tailgators
Todd Laswell Jimmy Mangus Smiley's Pub
13 11/14/2019
Wojciech Baluch Jimmy Mangus Green Street
Jessie Williams Todd Laswell Jamie's Place
Brandon Curl Randy Murphy Cruizers
Kyle Cobb Ryan Bair Champions Sports Bar
14 11/21/2019
Ryan Bair Wojciech Baluch Jamie's Place
Randy Murphy Kyle Cobb Tailgators
Todd Laswell Brandon Curl Smiley's Pub
Jimmy Mangus Jessie Williams Partytime
15 11/14/2019
Ryan Bair Kyle Cobb Jamie's Place Automatically Added

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