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North American Dart Organization
1400 S. Raney St
Effingham, IL 62401
(833) 840-9233

Schedule Report for NT1FJ9 - Tues 60 Cap Singles Rv Hd

Report Date: 05/28/2020

# Div. Team / Site Name Captain Name / Site Address Captain / Site Phone
1AAaron Oehring
Tailgators Coralvill
Aaron Oehring
450 1st Ave Coralville, IA 52241
2ABen Witz
Sammy's Pizza
Ben Witz
2812 London Rd Eau Claire, WI 54701
3ADemetrius Williams
Tailgators Coralvill
Demetrius Williams
450 1st Ave Coralville, IA 52241
4ADennis Heimbuch
American Legion Pate
Dennis Heimbuch
1301 N Fares Ave. Evansville, IN 62401
5AJim Brockert
Bridgeside Pub
Jim Brockert
1005 E 2nd ST Muscatine, IA 52761
6AKelly Mason
Champions Sports Bar
Kelly Mason
3304 W. Chain Of Rock Granite City, IL 62040
7ARob Peer
Tailgators Coralvill
Rob Peer
450 1st Ave Coralville, IA 52241
8ATim Brown
Tim Brown
1019 Veterans St Red Bud, IL 62278

Division A

Site Name Site Address Site Phone
Tailgators Coralvill450 1st Ave Coralville IA, 52241319-356-6914
Ratzkeller1019 Veterans St Red Bud IL, 62278618-282-7289
Champions Sports Bar3304 W. Chain Of Rock Granite City IL, 62040618-520-7669
Sammy's Pizza2812 London Rd Eau Claire WI, 54701715-831-1300
American Legion Pate1301 N Fares Ave. Evansville IN, 62401812-423-4033
Bridgeside Pub1005 E 2nd ST Muscatine IA, 52761563-554-5368

Week Date Home Away At Notes
1 10/22/2019
Aaron Oehring Kelly Mason Tailgators Coralvill
Tim Brown Jim Brockert Ratzkeller
Ben Witz Dennis Heimbuch Sammy's Pizza
Rob Peer Demetrius Williams Tailgators Coralvill
2 10/29/2019
Rob Peer Kelly Mason Tailgators Coralvill
Demetrius Williams Ben Witz Tailgators Coralvill
Dennis Heimbuch Tim Brown American Legion Pate
Jim Brockert Aaron Oehring Bridgeside Pub
3 11/05/2019
Kelly Mason Jim Brockert Champions Sports Bar
Aaron Oehring Dennis Heimbuch Tailgators Coralvill
Tim Brown Demetrius Williams Ratzkeller
Ben Witz Rob Peer Sammy's Pizza
4 11/12/2019
Ben Witz Kelly Mason Sammy's Pizza
Rob Peer Tim Brown Tailgators Coralvill
Demetrius Williams Aaron Oehring Tailgators Coralvill
Dennis Heimbuch Jim Brockert American Legion Pate
5 11/19/2019
Kelly Mason Dennis Heimbuch Champions Sports Bar
Jim Brockert Demetrius Williams Bridgeside Pub
Aaron Oehring Rob Peer Tailgators Coralvill
Tim Brown Ben Witz Ratzkeller
6 11/26/2019
Tim Brown Kelly Mason Ratzkeller
Ben Witz Aaron Oehring Sammy's Pizza
Rob Peer Jim Brockert Tailgators Coralvill
Demetrius Williams Dennis Heimbuch Tailgators Coralvill
7 12/03/2019
Kelly Mason Demetrius Williams Champions Sports Bar
Dennis Heimbuch Rob Peer American Legion Pate
Jim Brockert Ben Witz Bridgeside Pub
Aaron Oehring Tim Brown Tailgators Coralvill
8 12/10/2019
Kelly Mason Aaron Oehring Champions Sports Bar
Jim Brockert Tim Brown Bridgeside Pub
Dennis Heimbuch Ben Witz American Legion Pate
Demetrius Williams Rob Peer Tailgators Coralvill
9 12/17/2019
Kelly Mason Rob Peer Champions Sports Bar
Ben Witz Demetrius Williams Sammy's Pizza
Tim Brown Dennis Heimbuch Ratzkeller
Aaron Oehring Jim Brockert Tailgators Coralvill
10 01/07/2020
Jim Brockert Kelly Mason Bridgeside Pub
Dennis Heimbuch Aaron Oehring American Legion Pate
Demetrius Williams Tim Brown Tailgators Coralvill
Rob Peer Ben Witz Tailgators Coralvill
11 01/14/2020
Kelly Mason Ben Witz Champions Sports Bar
Tim Brown Rob Peer Ratzkeller
Aaron Oehring Demetrius Williams Tailgators Coralvill
Jim Brockert Dennis Heimbuch Bridgeside Pub
12 01/21/2020
Dennis Heimbuch Kelly Mason American Legion Pate
Demetrius Williams Jim Brockert Tailgators Coralvill
Rob Peer Aaron Oehring Tailgators Coralvill
Ben Witz Tim Brown Sammy's Pizza
13 01/28/2020
Kelly Mason Tim Brown Champions Sports Bar
Aaron Oehring Ben Witz Tailgators Coralvill
Jim Brockert Rob Peer Bridgeside Pub
Dennis Heimbuch Demetrius Williams American Legion Pate
14 02/04/2020
Demetrius Williams Kelly Mason Tailgators Coralvill
Rob Peer Dennis Heimbuch Tailgators Coralvill
Ben Witz Jim Brockert Sammy's Pizza
Tim Brown Aaron Oehring Ratzkeller

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