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North American Dart Organization
1400 S. Raney St
Effingham, IL 62401
(833) 840-9233

Schedule Report for NH10EA - Thursday No Cap Singles

Report Date: 5/19/2022 11:40 PM

# Div. Team / Site Name Captain Name / Site Address Captain / Site Phone
1AAaron Gibney
Otis Tailgators
Aaron Gibney
3969 Center Point Rd NE Cedar Rapids, IA 52402
2AAdam Wilson
Peg's Pub And Grub
Adam Wilson
1020 State Rt 10 W Clinton, IL 61727
3AAndy Stuckwisch
Circle South
Andy Stuckwisch
1520 E South St Clinton, IL 61727
4AChris Reddington
Circle South
Chris Reddington
1520 E South St Clinton, IL 61727
5ANate Borland
Eagles River City
Nate Borland
1824 W Franklin St Evansville, IN 47712
6ARick Long
JTs Corner Bar
Rick Long
7228 Main St Wadesville, IN 47638
7AWojciech Baluch
Pipas Pub
Wojciech Baluch
604 S Country Fair Dr Champaign, IL 61821

Division A

Week Date Home Away At Notes
1 5/06/2021
Andy Stuckwisch Rick Long Circle South
Aaron Gibney Nate Borland Otis Tailgators
Adam Wilson BYE BYE
Wojciech Baluch Chris Reddington Pipas Pub
2 5/13/2021
Wojciech Baluch Rick Long Pipas Pub
Chris Reddington Adam Wilson Circle South
BYE Aaron Gibney BYE
Nate Borland Andy Stuckwisch Eagles River City
3 5/20/2021
Rick Long Nate Borland JTs Corner Bar
Andy Stuckwisch BYE BYE
Aaron Gibney Chris Reddington Otis Tailgators
Adam Wilson Wojciech Baluch Peg's Pub And Grub
4 5/27/2021
Adam Wilson Rick Long Peg's Pub And Grub
Wojciech Baluch Aaron Gibney Pipas Pub
Chris Reddington Andy Stuckwisch Circle South
BYE Nate Borland BYE
5 6/03/2021
Rick Long BYE BYE
Nate Borland Chris Reddington Eagles River City
Andy Stuckwisch Wojciech Baluch Circle South
Aaron Gibney Adam Wilson Otis Tailgators
6 6/10/2021
Aaron Gibney Rick Long Otis Tailgators
Adam Wilson Andy Stuckwisch Peg's Pub And Grub
Wojciech Baluch Nate Borland Pipas Pub
Chris Reddington BYE BYE
7 6/17/2021
Rick Long Chris Reddington JTs Corner Bar
BYE Wojciech Baluch BYE
Nate Borland Adam Wilson Eagles River City
Andy Stuckwisch Aaron Gibney Circle South
8 6/24/2021
Rick Long Andy Stuckwisch JTs Corner Bar
Nate Borland Aaron Gibney Eagles River City
BYE Adam Wilson BYE
Chris Reddington Wojciech Baluch Circle South
9 7/01/2021
Rick Long Wojciech Baluch JTs Corner Bar
8/24/2021 Adam Wilson Chris Reddington Peg's Pub And Grub
Aaron Gibney BYE BYE
Andy Stuckwisch Nate Borland Circle South
10 7/08/2021
Nate Borland Rick Long Eagles River City
BYE Andy Stuckwisch BYE
Chris Reddington Aaron Gibney Circle South
Wojciech Baluch Adam Wilson Pipas Pub
11 7/15/2021
Rick Long Adam Wilson JTs Corner Bar
Aaron Gibney Wojciech Baluch Otis Tailgators
Andy Stuckwisch Chris Reddington Circle South
Nate Borland BYE BYE
12 7/22/2021
BYE Rick Long BYE
Chris Reddington Nate Borland Circle South
Wojciech Baluch Andy Stuckwisch Pipas Pub
Adam Wilson Aaron Gibney Peg's Pub And Grub
13 7/29/2021
Rick Long Aaron Gibney JTs Corner Bar
Andy Stuckwisch Adam Wilson Circle South
Nate Borland Wojciech Baluch Eagles River City
BYE Chris Reddington BYE
14 8/05/2021
Chris Reddington Rick Long Circle South
Wojciech Baluch BYE BYE
Adam Wilson Nate Borland Peg's Pub And Grub
Aaron Gibney Andy Stuckwisch Otis Tailgators

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