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North American Dart Organization
1400 S. Raney St
Effingham, IL 62401
(833) 840-9233

Schedule Report for NH1GH9 - THUR Sgls 70 Cap Rv Hdcp

Report Date: 05/28/2020

# Div. Team / Site Name Captain Name / Site Address Captain / Site Phone
1ABrandon Curl
Brandon Curl
115 North Street Russia, OH 45363
2AJessie Williams
J's Celina
Jessie Williams
2001 State Route 703 Celina, OH 45822
3AJimmy Mangus
Jimmy Mangus
926 Fourth Street Portsmouth, OH 45662
4AKyle Cobb
Champions Sports Bar
Kyle Cobb
3304 W. Chain Of Rock Granite City, IL 62040
5ARandy Murphy
Tailgators Coralvill
Randy Murphy
450 1st Ave Coralville, IA 52241
6ARyan Bair
J's Celina
Ryan Bair
2001 State Route 703 Celina, OH 45822
7ATodd Laswell
Smiley's Pub
Todd Laswell
39 N 8th St Richmond, IN 47374
8AWojciech Baluch
Green Street Cafe
Wojciech Baluch
35 E. Green St. Champaign, IL 61820

Division A

Week Date Home Away At Notes
1 08/22/2019
Jessie Williams Wojciech Baluch J's Celina
Jimmy Mangus Brandon Curl Partytime
Todd Laswell Kyle Cobb Smiley's Pub
Randy Murphy Ryan Bair Tailgators Coralvill
2 08/29/2019
Randy Murphy Wojciech Baluch Tailgators Coralvill
Ryan Bair Todd Laswell J's Celina
Kyle Cobb Jimmy Mangus Champions Sports Bar
Brandon Curl Jessie Williams Cruizers
3 09/05/2019
Wojciech Baluch Brandon Curl Green Street Cafe
Jessie Williams Kyle Cobb J's Celina
Jimmy Mangus Ryan Bair Partytime
Todd Laswell Randy Murphy Smiley's Pub
4 09/12/2019
Todd Laswell Wojciech Baluch Smiley's Pub
Randy Murphy Jimmy Mangus Tailgators Coralvill
Ryan Bair Jessie Williams J's Celina
Kyle Cobb Brandon Curl Champions Sports Bar
5 09/19/2019
Wojciech Baluch Kyle Cobb Green Street Cafe
09/12/2019 Brandon Curl Ryan Bair Cruizers
Jessie Williams Randy Murphy J's Celina
Jimmy Mangus Todd Laswell Partytime
6 09/26/2019
10/17/2019 Jimmy Mangus Wojciech Baluch Partytime
Todd Laswell Jessie Williams Smiley's Pub
Randy Murphy Brandon Curl Tailgators Coralvill
Ryan Bair Kyle Cobb J's Celina
7 10/03/2019
Wojciech Baluch Ryan Bair Green Street Cafe
Kyle Cobb Randy Murphy Champions Sports Bar
Brandon Curl Todd Laswell Cruizers
Jessie Williams Jimmy Mangus J's Celina
8 10/10/2019
Wojciech Baluch Jessie Williams Green Street Cafe
Brandon Curl Jimmy Mangus Cruizers
Kyle Cobb Todd Laswell Champions Sports Bar
Ryan Bair Randy Murphy J's Celina
9 10/17/2019
Wojciech Baluch Randy Murphy Green Street Cafe
Todd Laswell Ryan Bair Smiley's Pub
Jimmy Mangus Kyle Cobb Partytime
Jessie Williams Brandon Curl J's Celina
10 10/24/2019
Brandon Curl Wojciech Baluch Cruizers
Kyle Cobb Jessie Williams Champions Sports Bar
Ryan Bair Jimmy Mangus J's Celina
Randy Murphy Todd Laswell Tailgators Coralvill
11 10/31/2019
Wojciech Baluch Todd Laswell Green Street Cafe
Jimmy Mangus Randy Murphy Partytime
Jessie Williams Ryan Bair J's Celina
Brandon Curl Kyle Cobb Cruizers
12 11/07/2019
10/31/2019 Kyle Cobb Wojciech Baluch Champions Sports Bar
Ryan Bair Brandon Curl J's Celina
Randy Murphy Jessie Williams Tailgators Coralvill
Todd Laswell Jimmy Mangus Smiley's Pub
13 11/14/2019
Wojciech Baluch Jimmy Mangus Green Street Cafe
Jessie Williams Todd Laswell J's Celina
Brandon Curl Randy Murphy Cruizers
Kyle Cobb Ryan Bair Champions Sports Bar
14 11/21/2019
Ryan Bair Wojciech Baluch J's Celina
Randy Murphy Kyle Cobb Tailgators Coralvill
Todd Laswell Brandon Curl Smiley's Pub
Jimmy Mangus Jessie Williams Partytime
15 11/14/2019
Ryan Bair Kyle Cobb J's Celina Automatically Added

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