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North American Dart Organization
1400 S. Raney St
Effingham, IL 62401
(833) 840-9233

Schedule Report for NS1GJ0 - Sun Sgls 70 Cap RvHD 5pm

Report Date: 5/19/2022 10:29 PM

# Div. Team / Site Name Captain Name / Site Address Captain / Site Phone
1ABrandon Weiss
Moose Wood River
Brandon Weiss
730 Wesley Dr. Wood River, IL 62095
2ADick Strobel
Dick Strobel
208 Main St Cincinnati, OH 45001
3AHeath McGillem
Eagles Princeton
Heath McGillem
301 N Hart St Princeton, IN 47670
4AKevin Snider
Vincennes Eagles
Kevin Snider
1325 Willow St Vincennes, IN 47591
5ANathan Hicks
Eagles Princeton
Nate Hicks
301 N Hart St Princeton, IN 47670
6ARobert Fruin
Peg's Pub And Grub
Robert Fruin
1020 State Rt 10 W Clinton, IL 61727
7AScott Kutina
Scott Kutina
208 Main St Cincinnati, OH 45001
8ASeth Shade
Vincennes Eagles
Seth Shade
1325 Willow St Vincennes, IN 47591

Division A

Week Date Home Away At Notes
1 10/25/2020
Heath McGillem Brandon Weiss Eagles Princeton
Dick Strobel Seth Shade Shamrock
Kevin Snider Scott Kutina Vincennes Eagles
Robert Fruin Nathan Hicks Peg's Pub And Grub
2 11/01/2020
Robert Fruin Brandon Weiss Peg's Pub And Grub
Nathan Hicks Kevin Snider Eagles Princeton
Scott Kutina Dick Strobel Shamrock
Seth Shade Heath McGillem Vincennes Eagles
3 11/08/2020
Brandon Weiss Seth Shade Moose Wood River
Heath McGillem Scott Kutina Eagles Princeton
Dick Strobel Nathan Hicks Shamrock
Kevin Snider Robert Fruin Vincennes Eagles
4 11/15/2020
Kevin Snider Brandon Weiss Vincennes Eagles
Robert Fruin Dick Strobel Peg's Pub And Grub
Nathan Hicks Heath McGillem Eagles Princeton
Scott Kutina Seth Shade Shamrock
5 11/22/2020
Brandon Weiss Scott Kutina Moose Wood River
Seth Shade Nathan Hicks Vincennes Eagles
Heath McGillem Robert Fruin Eagles Princeton
Dick Strobel Kevin Snider Shamrock
6 11/29/2020 Position Round No Matches! Happy Thanksgiving
7 12/06/2020
12/10/2020 Dick Strobel Brandon Weiss Shamrock
Kevin Snider Heath McGillem Vincennes Eagles
Robert Fruin Seth Shade Peg's Pub And Grub
Nathan Hicks Scott Kutina Eagles Princeton
8 12/13/2020
Brandon Weiss Nathan Hicks Moose Wood River
Scott Kutina Robert Fruin Shamrock
Seth Shade Kevin Snider Vincennes Eagles
Heath McGillem Dick Strobel Eagles Princeton
9 12/20/2020
Brandon Weiss Heath McGillem Moose Wood River
Seth Shade Dick Strobel Vincennes Eagles
Scott Kutina Kevin Snider Shamrock
Nathan Hicks Robert Fruin Eagles Princeton
10 12/27/2020 Position Round No Matches! Merry Christmas!
11 1/03/2021
1/17/2021 Brandon Weiss Robert Fruin Moose Wood River
1/02/2021 Kevin Snider Nathan Hicks Vincennes Eagles
Dick Strobel Scott Kutina Shamrock
Heath McGillem Seth Shade Eagles Princeton
12 1/10/2021
Seth Shade Brandon Weiss Vincennes Eagles
Scott Kutina Heath McGillem Shamrock
Nathan Hicks Dick Strobel Eagles Princeton
Robert Fruin Kevin Snider Peg's Pub And Grub
13 1/17/2021
Brandon Weiss Kevin Snider Moose Wood River
Dick Strobel Robert Fruin Shamrock
Heath McGillem Nathan Hicks Eagles Princeton
Seth Shade Scott Kutina Vincennes Eagles
14 1/24/2021
Scott Kutina Brandon Weiss Shamrock
Nathan Hicks Seth Shade Eagles Princeton
Robert Fruin Heath McGillem Peg's Pub And Grub
Kevin Snider Dick Strobel Vincennes Eagles
15 1/31/2021
2/21/2021 Brandon Weiss Dick Strobel Moose Wood River
2/28/2021 Heath McGillem Kevin Snider Eagles Princeton
2/14/2021 Seth Shade Robert Fruin Vincennes Eagles
2/07/2021 Scott Kutina Nathan Hicks Shamrock
16 2/07/2021
1/31/2021 Nathan Hicks Brandon Weiss Eagles Princeton
2/14/2021 Robert Fruin Scott Kutina Peg's Pub And Grub
1/31/2021 Kevin Snider Seth Shade Vincennes Eagles
3/07/2021 Dick Strobel Heath McGillem Shamrock

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