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North American Dart Organization
1400 S. Raney St
Effingham, IL 62401
(833) 840-9233

Schedule Report for NS1DL9 - Sun Sngls 40 Cap Rv HD 5p

Report Date: 10/24/2021 4:50 AM

# Div. Team / Site Name Site Address Site Phone
1ABilly Curry
 117 South Main St Liberty, NY 12754 845-747-9417
2ACara Hall
The Hall
 6003 Route 152 Wayne, WV 25570 304-638-4701
3AChris Nelson
CJ's Pub
 1027 Schuster Kalamazoo, MI 49001 269-342-0270
4AHeath McGillem
Eagles Princeton
 301 N Hart St Princeton, IN 47670 812-385-2428
5AHeather Gallagher
Am Legion Pate 265
 1301 N Fares Ave. Evansville, IN 62401 812-423-4033
6AJennifer Williamson
The Hall
 6003 Route 152 Wayne, WV 25570 304-638-4701
7ASharion Spears
The Hall
 6003 Route 152 Wayne, WV 25570 304-638-4701
8AShelly Archer
CJ's Pub
 1027 Schuster Kalamazoo, MI 49001 269-342-0270

Division A

Week Date Home Away At Notes
1 12/15/2019
Chris Nelson Billy Curry CJ's Pub
Cara Hall Heather Gallagher The Hall
Heath McGillem Jennifer Williamson Eagles Princeton
Sharion Spears Shelly Archer The Hall
2 12/22/2019
Sharion Spears Billy Curry The Hall
Shelly Archer Heath McGillem CJ's Pub
Jennifer Williamson Cara Hall The Hall
Heather Gallagher Chris Nelson Am Legion Pate 265
3 12/29/2019
Billy Curry Heather Gallagher McCabes
Chris Nelson Jennifer Williamson CJ's Pub
Cara Hall Shelly Archer The Hall
Heath McGillem Sharion Spears Eagles Princeton
4 1/05/2020
Heath McGillem Billy Curry Eagles Princeton
Sharion Spears Cara Hall The Hall
Shelly Archer Chris Nelson CJ's Pub
Jennifer Williamson Heather Gallagher The Hall
5 1/12/2020
Billy Curry Jennifer Williamson McCabes
Heather Gallagher Shelly Archer Am Legion Pate 265
Chris Nelson Sharion Spears CJ's Pub
Cara Hall Heath McGillem The Hall
6 1/19/2020
Cara Hall Billy Curry The Hall
Heath McGillem Chris Nelson Eagles Princeton
Sharion Spears Heather Gallagher The Hall
Shelly Archer Jennifer Williamson CJ's Pub
7 1/26/2020
Billy Curry Shelly Archer McCabes
Jennifer Williamson Sharion Spears The Hall
Heather Gallagher Heath McGillem Am Legion Pate 265
Chris Nelson Cara Hall CJ's Pub
8 2/09/2020
Billy Curry Chris Nelson McCabes
Heather Gallagher Cara Hall Am Legion Pate 265
3/05/2020 Jennifer Williamson Heath McGillem The Hall
Shelly Archer Sharion Spears CJ's Pub
9 2/16/2020
Billy Curry Sharion Spears McCabes
Heath McGillem Shelly Archer Eagles Princeton
Cara Hall Jennifer Williamson The Hall
Chris Nelson Heather Gallagher CJ's Pub
10 2/23/2020
Heather Gallagher Billy Curry Am Legion Pate 265
Jennifer Williamson Chris Nelson The Hall
Shelly Archer Cara Hall CJ's Pub
3/01/2020 Sharion Spears Heath McGillem The Hall
11 3/01/2020
Billy Curry Heath McGillem McCabes
Cara Hall Sharion Spears The Hall
Chris Nelson Shelly Archer CJ's Pub
Heather Gallagher Jennifer Williamson Am Legion Pate 265
12 3/08/2020
Jennifer Williamson Billy Curry The Hall
Shelly Archer Heather Gallagher CJ's Pub
Sharion Spears Chris Nelson The Hall
Heath McGillem Cara Hall Eagles Princeton
13 3/15/2020
Billy Curry Cara Hall McCabes
Chris Nelson Heath McGillem CJ's Pub
Heather Gallagher Sharion Spears Am Legion Pate 265
Jennifer Williamson Shelly Archer The Hall
14 3/22/2020
Shelly Archer Billy Curry CJ's Pub
Sharion Spears Jennifer Williamson The Hall
Heath McGillem Heather Gallagher Eagles Princeton
Cara Hall Chris Nelson The Hall

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