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North Dakota Tornament Association
11 2nd Ave. E.
Dickinson, ND 58601

Schedule Report for REMJ - Remote J

Report Date: 09/20/2019

# Div. Team / Site Name Captain Name / Site Address Captain / Site Phone
1AAces Double Trouble
Justin Nichols
Minot, ND
2AAverage Joes
Average Joes
Stacey Bell
Parshall, ND 58601
3ABeauty N The Beast
Spur Bar
Kurtis Einspahr
Dickinson, ND 58601
4AHillside Hillbillies
Justin Gladue
Belcourt, ND 58601
5ALady Luck
Diamond Lounge
Jan Hulst
Grand Forks, ND 58601
6AMidway Billings
Midway Bar
Mandy Billings
Williston, ND 58601
Finish Line
Patsy Hudkins
Velva, ND 58601
8AOne Shaft Two Tips
Rafter F
James Green
Towner, ND 58601
Alicia Butterfield
Bismarck, ND
10AWhats The Point
Alley Cat
Rick Thompson
Parshall, ND 58601

Division A

Week Date Home Away At Notes
1 05/19/2019
Misfits Lady Luck Finish Line
Hillside Hillbillies BYE BYE
Midway Billings Average Joes Midway Bar
One Shaft Two Tips Whats The Point Rafter F
Sidelines Aces Double Trouble Sidelines
Beauty N The Beast BYE BYE
2 06/02/2019
Beauty N The Beast Lady Luck Spur Bar
BYE Sidelines BYE
Aces Double Trouble One Shaft Two Tips Aces
Whats The Point Midway Billings Alley Cat
Average Joes Hillside Hillbillies Average Joes
BYE Misfits BYE
3 06/09/2019
Lady Luck BYE BYE
Misfits Average Joes Finish Line
Hillside Hillbillies Whats The Point Hillside
Midway Billings Aces Double Trouble Midway Bar
One Shaft Two Tips BYE BYE
Sidelines Beauty N The Beast Sidelines
4 06/16/2019
Sidelines Lady Luck Sidelines
Beauty N The Beast One Shaft Two Tips Spur Bar
BYE Midway Billings BYE
Aces Double Trouble Hillside Hillbillies Aces
Whats The Point Misfits Alley Cat
Average Joes BYE BYE
5 06/23/2019
Lady Luck Average Joes Diamond Lounge
BYE Whats The Point BYE
Misfits Aces Double Trouble Finish Line
Hillside Hillbillies BYE BYE
Midway Billings Beauty N The Beast Midway Bar
One Shaft Two Tips Sidelines Rafter F
6 06/30/2019
One Shaft Two Tips Lady Luck Rafter F
Sidelines Midway Billings Sidelines
Beauty N The Beast Hillside Hillbillies Spur Bar
BYE Misfits BYE
Aces Double Trouble BYE BYE
Whats The Point Average Joes Alley Cat
7 07/07/2019
Lady Luck Whats The Point Diamond Lounge
Average Joes Aces Double Trouble Average Joes
Misfits Beauty N The Beast Finish Line
Hillside Hillbillies Sidelines Hillside
Midway Billings One Shaft Two Tips Midway Bar
8 07/14/2019
Midway Billings Lady Luck Midway Bar
One Shaft Two Tips Hillside Hillbillies Rafter F
Sidelines Misfits Sidelines
Beauty N The Beast BYE BYE
BYE Average Joes BYE
Aces Double Trouble Whats The Point Aces
9 07/21/2019
Lady Luck Aces Double Trouble Diamond Lounge
Whats The Point BYE BYE
Average Joes Beauty N The Beast Average Joes
BYE Sidelines BYE
Misfits One Shaft Two Tips Finish Line
Hillside Hillbillies Midway Billings Hillside
10 07/28/2019
Hillside Hillbillies Lady Luck Hillside
Midway Billings Misfits Midway Bar
One Shaft Two Tips BYE BYE
Sidelines Average Joes Sidelines
Beauty N The Beast Whats The Point Spur Bar
BYE Aces Double Trouble BYE
11 08/04/2019
Lady Luck BYE BYE
Aces Double Trouble Beauty N The Beast Aces
Whats The Point Sidelines Alley Cat
Average Joes One Shaft Two Tips Average Joes
BYE Midway Billings BYE
Misfits Hillside Hillbillies Finish Line

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