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North Dakota Tornament Association
11 2nd Ave. E.
Dickinson, ND 58601

Schedule Report for REMJ - Remote J

Report Date: 07/12/2020

# Div. Team / Site Name Captain Name / Site Address Captain / Site Phone
1AAttitude N Lip
Village Bowl
Dawn Hall
Aberdeen, ND 58601
2ABack 40 Lyon
Back 40
Cody Kessler
Rugby, ND 58601
3AComeback Queens
Doghouse Saloon
Sherri Millang
Bottineau, ND 58601
4AFinish Line 2
Finish Line
Patsy Hudkins
Velva, ND 58601
5AHeavily Medicated
Wagon Wheel
Tony Morin
Rolette, ND 58601
6AHorsemens Longie
Bob Longie
Belcourt, ND 58601
7ALast Call Bar
Last Call Bar
Annie Carlson
Mandan, ND
8AMullet Pride
Esquire Club
Kari Messer
43 Sims St Dickinson, ND 58601
9AOld Farts
Hiway Bar
Wes Lindvig
Williston, ND 58601
10ARazors Edge
Razors Edge
Cory Rodacker
Devils Lake, ND 58601
11AThe Hangover
Wagon Wheel
Devon Fugere
Rolette, ND 58601
12AWillys 2
Brittany Bridgeman
Larimore, ND 58601

Division A

Week Date Home Away At Notes
1 06/07/2020
Heavily Medicated Horsemens Longie Wagon Wheel
Last Call Bar Old Farts Last Call Bar
Back 40 Lyon Finish Line 2 Back 40
Razors Edge Mullet Pride Razors Edge
Attitude N Lip Comeback Queens Village Bowl
Willys 2 The Hangover Willy's
2 06/14/2020
Willys 2 Horsemens Longie Willy's
The Hangover Attitude N Lip Wagon Wheel
Comeback Queens Razors Edge Doghouse Saloon
Mullet Pride Back 40 Lyon Esquire Club
Finish Line 2 Last Call Bar Finish Line
Old Farts Heavily Medicated Hiway Bar
3 06/21/2020
Horsemens Longie Old Farts Horsemens
Heavily Medicated Finish Line 2 Wagon Wheel
Last Call Bar Mullet Pride Last Call Bar
Back 40 Lyon Comeback Queens Back 40
Razors Edge The Hangover Razors Edge
Attitude N Lip Willys 2 Village Bowl
4 06/28/2020
Attitude N Lip Horsemens Longie Village Bowl
Willys 2 Razors Edge Willy's
The Hangover Back 40 Lyon Wagon Wheel
Comeback Queens Last Call Bar Doghouse Saloon
Mullet Pride Heavily Medicated Esquire Club
Finish Line 2 Old Farts Finish Line
5 07/05/2020
Horsemens Longie Finish Line 2 Horsemens
Old Farts Mullet Pride Hiway Bar
Heavily Medicated Comeback Queens Wagon Wheel
Last Call Bar The Hangover Last Call Bar
Back 40 Lyon Willys 2 Back 40
Razors Edge Attitude N Lip Razors Edge
6 07/12/2020
Razors Edge Horsemens Longie Razors Edge
Attitude N Lip Back 40 Lyon Village Bowl
Willys 2 Last Call Bar Willy's
The Hangover Heavily Medicated Wagon Wheel
Comeback Queens Old Farts Doghouse Saloon
Mullet Pride Finish Line 2 Esquire Club
7 07/19/2020
Horsemens Longie Mullet Pride Horsemens
Finish Line 2 Comeback Queens Finish Line
Old Farts The Hangover Hiway Bar
Heavily Medicated Willys 2 Wagon Wheel
Last Call Bar Attitude N Lip Last Call Bar
Back 40 Lyon Razors Edge Back 40
8 07/26/2020
Back 40 Lyon Horsemens Longie Back 40
Razors Edge Last Call Bar Razors Edge
Attitude N Lip Heavily Medicated Village Bowl
Willys 2 Old Farts Willy's
The Hangover Finish Line 2 Wagon Wheel
Comeback Queens Mullet Pride Doghouse Saloon
9 08/02/2020
Horsemens Longie Comeback Queens Horsemens
Mullet Pride The Hangover Esquire Club
Finish Line 2 Willys 2 Finish Line
Old Farts Attitude N Lip Hiway Bar
Heavily Medicated Razors Edge Wagon Wheel
Last Call Bar Back 40 Lyon Last Call Bar
10 08/09/2020
Last Call Bar Horsemens Longie Last Call Bar
Back 40 Lyon Heavily Medicated Back 40
Razors Edge Old Farts Razors Edge
Attitude N Lip Finish Line 2 Village Bowl
Willys 2 Mullet Pride Willy's
The Hangover Comeback Queens Wagon Wheel
11 08/16/2020
Horsemens Longie The Hangover Horsemens
Comeback Queens Willys 2 Doghouse Saloon
Mullet Pride Attitude N Lip Esquire Club
Finish Line 2 Razors Edge Finish Line
Old Farts Back 40 Lyon Hiway Bar
Heavily Medicated Last Call Bar Wagon Wheel

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