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North Dakota Tornament Association
11 2nd Ave. E.
Dickinson, ND 58601

Schedule Report for REMI - Remote I

Report Date: 07/12/2020

# Div. Team / Site Name Captain Name / Site Address Captain / Site Phone
1AFinish Line 1
Finish Line
Kyle Briggs
Velva, ND 58601
2AIt Is What It Is
Ty Johnson
Devils Lake, ND 58601
3ALariat Morey
Lariat Club
Devin Morey
Velca, ND 58601
4ALegion 2
Newtown Legion
Heather Whitman
Newtown, ND 58601
5AMidway White
Midway Bar
Brian White
Williston, ND 58601
6ANolas Preston
Nolas Lounge
Michael Preston
Minot, ND 58601
7AOriginal Monroe
The Original
Jacob Monroe
Minot, ND 58601
8ARosies Place Too
Rosies Place Too
Christina Munoz
Grafton, ND 58601
9ASheep Lovers
Hiway Bar
Sean Walker
Williston, ND 58601
Southside Saloon
Brandon Mills
48 E Broadway St Dickinson, ND 58601
11AThe Stadium
The Stadium
Sarah Ferry
Bismarck, ND 58503
12ATys Land Sharks
Tys Lodge
Tyson Ackerman
Devils Lake, ND 58601

Division A

Week Date Home Away At Notes
1 06/07/2020
Rosies Place Too Nolas Preston Rosies Place Too
Southside Midway White Southside Saloon
Legion 2 It Is What It Is Newtown Legion
Original Monroe Lariat Morey The Original
The Stadium Sheep Lovers The Stadium
Tys Land Sharks Finish Line 1 Tys Lodge
2 06/14/2020
Tys Land Sharks Nolas Preston Tys Lodge
Finish Line 1 The Stadium Finish Line
Sheep Lovers Original Monroe Hiway Bar
Lariat Morey Legion 2 Lariat Club
It Is What It Is Southside Lottas
Midway White Rosies Place Too Midway Bar
3 06/21/2020
Nolas Preston Midway White Nolas Lounge
Rosies Place Too It Is What It Is Rosies Place Too
Southside Lariat Morey Southside Saloon
Legion 2 Sheep Lovers Newtown Legion
Original Monroe Finish Line 1 The Original
The Stadium Tys Land Sharks The Stadium
4 06/28/2020
The Stadium Nolas Preston The Stadium
Tys Land Sharks Original Monroe Tys Lodge
Finish Line 1 Legion 2 Finish Line
Sheep Lovers Southside Hiway Bar
Lariat Morey Rosies Place Too Lariat Club
It Is What It Is Midway White Lottas
5 07/05/2020
Nolas Preston It Is What It Is Nolas Lounge
Midway White Lariat Morey Midway Bar
Rosies Place Too Sheep Lovers Rosies Place Too
Southside Finish Line 1 Southside Saloon
Legion 2 Tys Land Sharks Newtown Legion
Original Monroe The Stadium The Original
6 07/12/2020
Original Monroe Nolas Preston The Original
The Stadium Legion 2 The Stadium
Tys Land Sharks Southside Tys Lodge
Finish Line 1 Rosies Place Too Finish Line
Sheep Lovers Midway White Hiway Bar
Lariat Morey It Is What It Is Lariat Club
7 07/19/2020
Nolas Preston Lariat Morey Nolas Lounge
It Is What It Is Sheep Lovers Lottas
Midway White Finish Line 1 Midway Bar
Rosies Place Too Tys Land Sharks Rosies Place Too
Southside The Stadium Southside Saloon
Legion 2 Original Monroe Newtown Legion
8 07/26/2020
Legion 2 Nolas Preston Newtown Legion
Original Monroe Southside The Original
The Stadium Rosies Place Too The Stadium
Tys Land Sharks Midway White Tys Lodge
Finish Line 1 It Is What It Is Finish Line
Sheep Lovers Lariat Morey Hiway Bar
9 08/02/2020
Nolas Preston Sheep Lovers Nolas Lounge
Lariat Morey Finish Line 1 Lariat Club
It Is What It Is Tys Land Sharks Lottas
Midway White The Stadium Midway Bar
Rosies Place Too Original Monroe Rosies Place Too
Southside Legion 2 Southside Saloon
10 08/09/2020
Southside Nolas Preston Southside Saloon
Legion 2 Rosies Place Too Newtown Legion
Original Monroe Midway White The Original
The Stadium It Is What It Is The Stadium
Tys Land Sharks Lariat Morey Tys Lodge
Finish Line 1 Sheep Lovers Finish Line
11 08/16/2020
Nolas Preston Finish Line 1 Nolas Lounge
Sheep Lovers Tys Land Sharks Hiway Bar
Lariat Morey The Stadium Lariat Club
It Is What It Is Original Monroe Lottas
Midway White Legion 2 Midway Bar
Rosies Place Too Southside Rosies Place Too

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