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North Dakota Tornament Association
11 2nd Ave. E.
Dickinson, ND 58601

Schedule Report for REMJ - Remote J

Report Date: 02/26/2020

# Div. Team / Site Name Captain Name / Site Address Captain / Site Phone
1J2 Broke Girls
Wagon Wheel
Eva Sully
Rolette, ND 58601

2J3 Darts To The Wind
Dickinson Eagles
Grayson Stedman
Dickinson, ND 58601
3JBeer B4 Bullseyes
Alley Cat
Nancy White Horse
Parshall, ND 58601
4JBitchy Bandits
Whiskey Bandits
Katie Kampman
Sawyer, ND 58601
5JCorrigidor 2
Jason Marchus
Wolford, ND 58601
6JCowboysCorner Ahoe
Cowboys Corner
Koni Ahoe
Sawyer, ND 58601
7JDoghouse 1
Doghouse Saloon
Sherri Millang
Bottineau, ND 58601
8JHorsemens Bulls Hit
Kayla Wallette
Belcourt, ND 58601
9JHorsemens Longie
Eva Longie
Belcourt, ND 58601
10JHorsemens Walter
Sarah Walter
Belcourt, ND 58601
11JLuckyStrike DartPros
Lucky Strike
Lisa Hiller
Minot, ND 58601
12JRumors Noobs
Rumors Lounge
Diana Cominghay
Grand Forks, ND 58601

Misti Myhre
Newtown, ND 58601
John Grenz
Valley City, ND 58601
15JThe Girls
Poncho And Leftys
Laurie Logie
Starkweather, ND 58601

Division J

Week Date Home Away At Notes
1 11/11/2019
Horsemens Bulls Hit Doghouse 1 Horsemens
Horsemens Walter 3 Darts To The Wind Horsemens
LuckyStrike DartPros CowboysCorner Ahoe Lucky Strike
The Girls Corrigidor 2 Poncho And Leftys
Shooters Tamarack Ranchmans
Rumors Noobs Beer B4 Bullseyes Rumors Lounge
2 Broke Girls BYE BYE
Bitchy Bandits Horsemens Longie Whiskey Bandits
2 11/18/2019
Bitchy Bandits Doghouse 1 Whiskey Bandits
Horsemens Longie 2 Broke Girls Horsemens
BYE Rumors Noobs BYE
Beer B4 Bullseyes Shooters Alley Cat
Tamarack The Girls Boomers
Corrigidor 2 LuckyStrike DartPros Corrigidor
CowboysCorner Ahoe Horsemens Walter Cowboys Corner
3 Darts To The Wind Horsemens Bulls Hit Dickinson Eagles
3 11/25/2019
Doghouse 1 3 Darts To The Wind Doghouse Saloon
Horsemens Bulls Hit CowboysCorner Ahoe Horsemens
Horsemens Walter Corrigidor 2 Horsemens
LuckyStrike DartPros Tamarack Lucky Strike
The Girls Beer B4 Bullseyes Poncho And Leftys
Shooters BYE BYE
Rumors Noobs Horsemens Longie Rumors Lounge
2 Broke Girls Bitchy Bandits Wagon Wheel
4 12/02/2019
2 Broke Girls Doghouse 1 Wagon Wheel
Bitchy Bandits Rumors Noobs Whiskey Bandits
Horsemens Longie Shooters Horsemens
BYE The Girls BYE
Beer B4 Bullseyes LuckyStrike DartPros Alley Cat
Tamarack Horsemens Walter Boomers
Corrigidor 2 Horsemens Bulls Hit Corrigidor
CowboysCorner Ahoe 3 Darts To The Wind Cowboys Corner
5 12/09/2019
Doghouse 1 CowboysCorner Ahoe Doghouse Saloon
3 Darts To The Wind Corrigidor 2 Dickinson Eagles
Horsemens Bulls Hit Tamarack Horsemens
Horsemens Walter Beer B4 Bullseyes Horsemens
LuckyStrike DartPros BYE BYE
The Girls Horsemens Longie Poncho And Leftys
Shooters Bitchy Bandits Ranchmans
Rumors Noobs 2 Broke Girls Rumors Lounge
6 12/16/2019
Rumors Noobs Doghouse 1 Rumors Lounge
2 Broke Girls Shooters Wagon Wheel
Bitchy Bandits The Girls Whiskey Bandits
Horsemens Longie LuckyStrike DartPros Horsemens
BYE Horsemens Walter BYE
Beer B4 Bullseyes Horsemens Bulls Hit Alley Cat
Tamarack 3 Darts To The Wind Boomers
Corrigidor 2 CowboysCorner Ahoe Corrigidor
7 12/30/2019
Doghouse 1 Corrigidor 2 Doghouse Saloon
CowboysCorner Ahoe Tamarack Cowboys Corner
3 Darts To The Wind Beer B4 Bullseyes Dickinson Eagles
Horsemens Bulls Hit BYE BYE
Horsemens Walter Horsemens Longie Horsemens
LuckyStrike DartPros Bitchy Bandits Lucky Strike
The Girls 2 Broke Girls Poncho And Leftys
Shooters Rumors Noobs Ranchmans
8 01/06/2020
Shooters Doghouse 1 Ranchmans
Rumors Noobs The Girls Rumors Lounge
2 Broke Girls LuckyStrike DartPros Wagon Wheel
Bitchy Bandits Horsemens Walter Whiskey Bandits
Horsemens Longie Horsemens Bulls Hit Horsemens
BYE 3 Darts To The Wind BYE
Beer B4 Bullseyes CowboysCorner Ahoe Alley Cat
Tamarack Corrigidor 2 Boomers
9 01/13/2020
Doghouse 1 Tamarack Doghouse Saloon
Corrigidor 2 Beer B4 Bullseyes Corrigidor
CowboysCorner Ahoe BYE BYE
3 Darts To The Wind Horsemens Longie Dickinson Eagles
Horsemens Bulls Hit Bitchy Bandits Horsemens
Horsemens Walter 2 Broke Girls Horsemens
LuckyStrike DartPros Rumors Noobs Lucky Strike
The Girls Shooters Poncho And Leftys
10 01/20/2020
The Girls Doghouse 1 Poncho And Leftys
Shooters LuckyStrike DartPros Ranchmans
Rumors Noobs Horsemens Walter Rumors Lounge
2 Broke Girls Horsemens Bulls Hit Wagon Wheel
Bitchy Bandits 3 Darts To The Wind Whiskey Bandits
Horsemens Longie CowboysCorner Ahoe Horsemens
BYE Corrigidor 2 BYE
Beer B4 Bullseyes Tamarack Alley Cat
11 01/27/2020
Doghouse 1 Beer B4 Bullseyes Doghouse Saloon
Tamarack BYE BYE
Corrigidor 2 Horsemens Longie Corrigidor
CowboysCorner Ahoe Bitchy Bandits Cowboys Corner
3 Darts To The Wind 2 Broke Girls Dickinson Eagles
Horsemens Bulls Hit Rumors Noobs Horsemens
Horsemens Walter Shooters Horsemens
LuckyStrike DartPros The Girls Lucky Strike
12 02/03/2020
LuckyStrike DartPros Doghouse 1 Lucky Strike
The Girls Horsemens Walter Poncho And Leftys
Shooters Horsemens Bulls Hit Ranchmans
Rumors Noobs 3 Darts To The Wind Rumors Lounge
2 Broke Girls CowboysCorner Ahoe Wagon Wheel
Bitchy Bandits Corrigidor 2 Whiskey Bandits
Horsemens Longie Tamarack Horsemens
BYE Beer B4 Bullseyes BYE
13 02/10/2020
Doghouse 1 BYE BYE
Beer B4 Bullseyes Horsemens Longie Alley Cat
Tamarack Bitchy Bandits Boomers
Corrigidor 2 2 Broke Girls Corrigidor
CowboysCorner Ahoe Rumors Noobs Cowboys Corner
3 Darts To The Wind Shooters Dickinson Eagles
Horsemens Bulls Hit The Girls Horsemens
Horsemens Walter LuckyStrike DartPros Horsemens
14 02/17/2020
Horsemens Walter Doghouse 1 Horsemens
LuckyStrike DartPros Horsemens Bulls Hit Lucky Strike
The Girls 3 Darts To The Wind Poncho And Leftys
Shooters CowboysCorner Ahoe Ranchmans
Rumors Noobs Corrigidor 2 Rumors Lounge
2 Broke Girls Tamarack Wagon Wheel
Bitchy Bandits Beer B4 Bullseyes Whiskey Bandits
Horsemens Longie BYE BYE
15 02/24/2020
Doghouse 1 Horsemens Longie Doghouse Saloon
BYE Bitchy Bandits BYE
Beer B4 Bullseyes 2 Broke Girls Alley Cat
Tamarack Rumors Noobs Boomers
Corrigidor 2 Shooters Corrigidor
CowboysCorner Ahoe The Girls Cowboys Corner
3 Darts To The Wind LuckyStrike DartPros Dickinson Eagles
Horsemens Bulls Hit Horsemens Walter Horsemens

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