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Ton 80 Darts
P.O. Box 923 
Missoula, MT 59806


Schedule Report for KALT24 - Kalispell Spring Trips 24

Report Date: 2/24/2024 8:03 PM

# Div. Team / Site Name Captain Name / Site Address Captain / Site Phone
1ABad Words
Fat Boys
Dale Postlethwaite
Kalispell, MT 59806
Cecil Tellesch
330 1st Avenue Kalispell, MT 59901
3ABrittanys Bitches
Brittany Earnest
330 1st Avenue Kalispell, MT 59901

4AFight Club
Alishia Payne
330 1st Avenue Kalispell, MT 59901
Kaidyn Vassar
330 1st Avenue Kalispell, MT 59901
6AProjectile Dysfuncti
Jamie Powers
330 1st Avenue Kalispell, MT 59901
7ASons Of Odin
Fat Boys
Ron Larsen
Kalispell, MT 59806
8AThe Neighbors
Fat Boys
Lindsay Carufel
Kalispell, MT 59806

Division A

Week Date Home Away At Notes
1 1/10/2024
The Neighbors Sons Of Odin Fat Boys
Bohica Projectile Dysfuncti VFW
Brittanys Bitches Fight Club VFW
Flukes Bad Words VFW
2 1/17/2024
Flukes Sons Of Odin VFW
Bad Words Brittanys Bitches Fat Boys
Fight Club Bohica VFW
Projectile Dysfuncti The Neighbors VFW
3 1/24/2024
Sons Of Odin Projectile Dysfuncti Fat Boys
The Neighbors Fight Club Fat Boys
Bohica Bad Words VFW
Brittanys Bitches Flukes VFW
4 1/31/2024
Brittanys Bitches Sons Of Odin VFW
Flukes Bohica VFW
Bad Words The Neighbors Fat Boys
Fight Club Projectile Dysfuncti VFW
5 2/07/2024
Sons Of Odin Fight Club Fat Boys
Projectile Dysfuncti Bad Words VFW
The Neighbors Flukes Fat Boys
Bohica Brittanys Bitches VFW
6 2/14/2024
Bohica Sons Of Odin VFW
Brittanys Bitches The Neighbors VFW
Flukes Projectile Dysfuncti VFW
Bad Words Fight Club Fat Boys
7 2/21/2024
Sons Of Odin Bad Words Fat Boys
Fight Club Flukes VFW
Projectile Dysfuncti Brittanys Bitches VFW
The Neighbors Bohica Fat Boys
8 2/28/2024
Sons Of Odin The Neighbors Fat Boys
Projectile Dysfuncti Bohica VFW
Fight Club Brittanys Bitches VFW
Bad Words Flukes Fat Boys
9 3/06/2024
Sons Of Odin Flukes Fat Boys
Brittanys Bitches Bad Words VFW
Bohica Fight Club VFW
The Neighbors Projectile Dysfuncti Fat Boys
10 3/13/2024
Projectile Dysfuncti Sons Of Odin VFW
Fight Club The Neighbors VFW
Bad Words Bohica Fat Boys
Flukes Brittanys Bitches VFW
11 3/20/2024
Sons Of Odin Brittanys Bitches Fat Boys
Bohica Flukes VFW
The Neighbors Bad Words Fat Boys
Projectile Dysfuncti Fight Club VFW
12 3/27/2024
Fight Club Sons Of Odin VFW
Bad Words Projectile Dysfuncti Fat Boys
Flukes The Neighbors VFW
Brittanys Bitches Bohica VFW
13 4/03/2024
Sons Of Odin Bohica Fat Boys
The Neighbors Brittanys Bitches Fat Boys
Projectile Dysfuncti Flukes VFW
Fight Club Bad Words VFW
14 4/10/2024
Bad Words Sons Of Odin Fat Boys
Flukes Fight Club VFW
Brittanys Bitches Projectile Dysfuncti VFW
Bohica The Neighbors VFW

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