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213 N. MAIN ST.
(574) 259-5229


Schedule Report for RLTW23 - Remote Thursday Winter 23

Report Date: 3/28/2023 7:33 PM

# Div. Team / Site Name Site Address Site Phone
1AAndrew And Mandi
 12634 S.R. 23 Granger, IN 46530 574-404-6085
2AJim And Kelley
VIP Lounge
 2045 W. Glen Park Ave. Griffith, IN 46319 219-922-6845
3AJoshua And Cris
Mr Gs
 708 LINCOLNWAY WEST OSCEOLA, IN 46561 574-674-6362
4ARick And Dave
Daves Pub
 3013 Mishawaka Ave. South Bend, IN 46615 574-234-0656
5AScott And Brian
ZB Falcons
 323 S Sheridan St South Bend, IN 46619 574-288-3335
6ATim And Paul
 810 W 4th St. Mishawaka, IN 46544 574-255-0458

Division A

Week Date Home Away At Notes
1 2/16/2023
Joshua And Cris Jim And Kelley Mr Gs
Scott And Brian Rick And Dave ZB Falcons
Tim And Paul Andrew And Mandi Midway
2 2/23/2023
Tim And Paul Jim And Kelley Midway
Andrew And Mandi Scott And Brian Zully's
Rick And Dave Joshua And Cris Daves Pub
3 3/02/2023
Jim And Kelley Rick And Dave VIP Lounge
Joshua And Cris Andrew And Mandi Mr Gs
Scott And Brian Tim And Paul ZB Falcons
4 3/09/2023
Scott And Brian Jim And Kelley ZB Falcons
Tim And Paul Joshua And Cris Midway
Andrew And Mandi Rick And Dave Zully's
5 3/16/2023
Jim And Kelley Andrew And Mandi VIP Lounge
Rick And Dave Tim And Paul Daves Pub
Joshua And Cris Scott And Brian Mr Gs
6 3/23/2023
Jim And Kelley Joshua And Cris VIP Lounge
Rick And Dave Scott And Brian Daves Pub
Andrew And Mandi Tim And Paul Zully's
7 3/30/2023
Jim And Kelley Tim And Paul VIP Lounge
Scott And Brian Andrew And Mandi ZB Falcons
Joshua And Cris Rick And Dave Mr Gs
8 4/06/2023
Rick And Dave Jim And Kelley Daves Pub
Andrew And Mandi Joshua And Cris Zully's
Tim And Paul Scott And Brian Midway
9 4/13/2023
Jim And Kelley Scott And Brian VIP Lounge
Joshua And Cris Tim And Paul Mr Gs
Rick And Dave Andrew And Mandi Daves Pub
10 4/20/2023
Andrew And Mandi Jim And Kelley Zully's
Tim And Paul Rick And Dave Midway
Scott And Brian Joshua And Cris ZB Falcons
11 4/27/2023 Position Round

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