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Schedule Report for MTWW22 - Midway Wednesday Winter22

Report Date: 8/11/2022 11:13 PM

# Div. Team / Site Name Site Address Site Phone
1AAlly And Brent
 810 W 4th St. Mishawaka, IN 46544 574-255-0458
2ABarbie And Steve
 810 W 4th St. Mishawaka, IN 46544 574-255-0458
3ACrystal And Travis
 810 W 4th St. Mishawaka, IN 46544 574-255-0458
4AJordan And Matt
 810 W 4th St. Mishawaka, IN 46544 574-255-0458
5AKendra And Tyler
 810 W 4th St. Mishawaka, IN 46544 574-255-0458
6AKim And Bob
 810 W 4th St. Mishawaka, IN 46544 574-255-0458
7AKristi And Julio
 810 W 4th St. Mishawaka, IN 46544 574-255-0458
8ALaura And Justin
 810 W 4th St. Mishawaka, IN 46544 574-255-0458
9AMary And Randy
 810 W 4th St. Mishawaka, IN 46544 574-255-0458
10AShelby And Johnathon
 810 W 4th St. Mishawaka, IN 46544 574-255-0458
11ATina And Nate
 810 W 4th St. Mishawaka, IN 46544 574-255-0458

Division A

Week Date Home Away At Notes
1 2/09/2022
Ally And Brent Tina And Nate Midway
Crystal And Travis Mary And Randy Midway
Kendra And Tyler Laura And Justin Midway
Kristi And Julio Kim And Bob Midway
BYE Jordan And Matt BYE
Shelby And Johnathon Barbie And Steve Midway
2 2/16/2022
Shelby And Johnathon Tina And Nate Midway
Barbie And Steve BYE BYE
Jordan And Matt Kristi And Julio Midway
Kim And Bob Kendra And Tyler Midway
Laura And Justin Crystal And Travis Midway
Mary And Randy Ally And Brent Midway
3 2/23/2022
Tina And Nate Mary And Randy Midway
Ally And Brent Laura And Justin Midway
Crystal And Travis Kim And Bob Midway
Kendra And Tyler Jordan And Matt Midway
Kristi And Julio Barbie And Steve Midway
BYE Shelby And Johnathon BYE
4 3/02/2022
BYE Tina And Nate BYE
Shelby And Johnathon Kristi And Julio Midway
Barbie And Steve Kendra And Tyler Midway
Jordan And Matt Crystal And Travis Midway
Kim And Bob Ally And Brent Midway
Laura And Justin Mary And Randy Midway
5 3/09/2022
Tina And Nate Laura And Justin Midway
Mary And Randy Kim And Bob Midway
Ally And Brent Jordan And Matt Midway
Crystal And Travis Barbie And Steve Midway
Kendra And Tyler Shelby And Johnathon Midway
Kristi And Julio BYE BYE
6 3/16/2022
Kristi And Julio Tina And Nate Midway
BYE Kendra And Tyler BYE
Shelby And Johnathon Crystal And Travis Midway
Barbie And Steve Ally And Brent Midway
Jordan And Matt Mary And Randy Midway
Kim And Bob Laura And Justin Midway
7 3/23/2022
Tina And Nate Kim And Bob Midway
Laura And Justin Jordan And Matt Midway
Mary And Randy Barbie And Steve Midway
Ally And Brent Shelby And Johnathon Midway
Crystal And Travis BYE BYE
Kendra And Tyler Kristi And Julio Midway
8 3/30/2022
Kendra And Tyler Tina And Nate Midway
Kristi And Julio Crystal And Travis Midway
BYE Ally And Brent BYE
Shelby And Johnathon Mary And Randy Midway
Barbie And Steve Laura And Justin Midway
Jordan And Matt Kim And Bob Midway
9 4/06/2022
Tina And Nate Jordan And Matt Midway
Kim And Bob Barbie And Steve Midway
Laura And Justin Shelby And Johnathon Midway
Mary And Randy BYE BYE
Ally And Brent Kristi And Julio Midway
Crystal And Travis Kendra And Tyler Midway
10 4/13/2022
Crystal And Travis Tina And Nate Midway
Kendra And Tyler Ally And Brent Midway
Kristi And Julio Mary And Randy Midway
BYE Laura And Justin BYE
Shelby And Johnathon Kim And Bob Midway
Barbie And Steve Jordan And Matt Midway
11 4/20/2022
Tina And Nate Barbie And Steve Midway
Jordan And Matt Shelby And Johnathon Midway
Kim And Bob BYE BYE
Laura And Justin Kristi And Julio Midway
Mary And Randy Kendra And Tyler Midway
Ally And Brent Crystal And Travis Midway
12 4/27/2022
Tina And Nate Ally And Brent Midway
Mary And Randy Crystal And Travis Midway
Laura And Justin Kendra And Tyler Midway
Kim And Bob Kristi And Julio Midway
Jordan And Matt BYE BYE
Barbie And Steve Shelby And Johnathon Midway
13 5/04/2022
Tina And Nate Shelby And Johnathon Midway
BYE Barbie And Steve BYE
Kristi And Julio Jordan And Matt Midway
Kendra And Tyler Kim And Bob Midway
Crystal And Travis Laura And Justin Midway
Ally And Brent Mary And Randy Midway
14 5/11/2022
Mary And Randy Tina And Nate Midway
Laura And Justin Ally And Brent Midway
Kim And Bob Crystal And Travis Midway
Jordan And Matt Kendra And Tyler Midway
Barbie And Steve Kristi And Julio Midway
Shelby And Johnathon BYE BYE
15 5/18/2022
Tina And Nate BYE BYE
Kristi And Julio Shelby And Johnathon Midway
Kendra And Tyler Barbie And Steve Midway
Crystal And Travis Jordan And Matt Midway
Ally And Brent Kim And Bob Midway
Mary And Randy Laura And Justin Midway
16 5/25/2022
Laura And Justin Tina And Nate Midway
Kim And Bob Mary And Randy Midway
Jordan And Matt Ally And Brent Midway
Barbie And Steve Crystal And Travis Midway
Shelby And Johnathon Kendra And Tyler Midway
BYE Kristi And Julio BYE
17 6/01/2022
Tina And Nate Kristi And Julio Midway
Kendra And Tyler BYE BYE
Crystal And Travis Shelby And Johnathon Midway
Ally And Brent Barbie And Steve Midway
Mary And Randy Jordan And Matt Midway
Laura And Justin Kim And Bob Midway
18 6/08/2022
Kim And Bob Tina And Nate Midway
Jordan And Matt Laura And Justin Midway
Barbie And Steve Mary And Randy Midway
Shelby And Johnathon Ally And Brent Midway
BYE Crystal And Travis BYE
Kristi And Julio Kendra And Tyler Midway
19 6/15/2022
Tina And Nate Kendra And Tyler Midway
Crystal And Travis Kristi And Julio Midway
Ally And Brent BYE BYE
Mary And Randy Shelby And Johnathon Midway
Laura And Justin Barbie And Steve Midway
Kim And Bob Jordan And Matt Midway
20 6/22/2022
Jordan And Matt Tina And Nate Midway
Barbie And Steve Kim And Bob Midway
Shelby And Johnathon Laura And Justin Midway
BYE Mary And Randy BYE
Kristi And Julio Ally And Brent Midway
Kendra And Tyler Crystal And Travis Midway
21 6/29/2022
Tina And Nate Crystal And Travis Midway
Ally And Brent Kendra And Tyler Midway
Mary And Randy Kristi And Julio Midway
Laura And Justin BYE BYE
Kim And Bob Shelby And Johnathon Midway
Jordan And Matt Barbie And Steve Midway
22 7/06/2022
Barbie And Steve Tina And Nate Midway
Shelby And Johnathon Jordan And Matt Midway
BYE Kim And Bob BYE
Kristi And Julio Laura And Justin Midway
Kendra And Tyler Mary And Randy Midway
Crystal And Travis Ally And Brent Midway

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