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Variety Specialties & Amusement
Dave (309) 696-9249

Schedule Report for WRL22 - Wednesdayremote22

Report Date: 11/30/2022 5:14 AM

# Div. Team / Site Name Site Address Site Phone
  Princeton, IL 61540 
Jake's Pourhouse
 201 9th St Lasalle, IL 61301 815-223-8232
3ARick And Anitas1
Rick And Anita
 410 E. Locust St Chatsworth, IL 61540 
4AThe Three Amigos
Grand Tap
 2100 Grand Ave. Galesburg, IL 61401 309-342-9149
5AWho Darted
Rick And Anita
 410 E. Locust St Chatsworth, IL 61540 

Division A

Week Date Home Away At Notes
1 1/26/2022
Hawghouse Who Darted Hawghouse
Rick And Anitas1 The Three Amigos Rick And Anita
2 2/02/2022
Rick And Anitas1 Who Darted Rick And Anita
BYE Hawghouse BYE
The Three Amigos Jakes Grand Tap
3 2/02/2022
Hawghouse Rick And Anitas1 Hawghouse
Who Darted Jakes Rick And Anita
BYE The Three Amigos BYE
4 2/09/2022
Jakes Rick And Anitas1 Jake's Pourhouse
Hawghouse The Three Amigos Hawghouse
Who Darted BYE BYE
5 2/16/2022
Rick And Anitas1 BYE BYE
The Three Amigos Who Darted Grand Tap
Jakes Hawghouse Jake's Pourhouse
6 2/23/2022
BYE Rick And Anitas1 BYE
Who Darted The Three Amigos Rick And Anita
Hawghouse Jakes Hawghouse
7 3/02/2022
Rick And Anitas1 Jakes Rick And Anita
The Three Amigos Hawghouse Grand Tap
BYE Who Darted BYE
8 3/09/2022
Rick And Anitas1 Hawghouse Rick And Anita
Jakes Who Darted Jake's Pourhouse
The Three Amigos BYE BYE
9 3/16/2022
Who Darted Rick And Anitas1 Rick And Anita
Hawghouse BYE BYE
Jakes The Three Amigos Jake's Pourhouse
10 3/23/2022
Who Darted Hawghouse Rick And Anita
The Three Amigos Rick And Anitas1 Grand Tap

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