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Schedule Report for ADAFLE - Springadaremote

Report Date: 09/18/2020

# Div. Team / Site Name Captain Name / Site Address Captain / Site Phone
1AChad And Josh
Josh Jardine
Somonauk, IL 61540

2ADarien And Drew
Darien Fletcher
1803 4th St Peru, IL 61354

3ADave And Nick
Dave Boaz
1569 Crosat St LaSalle, IL 61565
4AJason And Tony
Jack's Tap
Jason Shoemaker
809 S. Illinois St Streator, IL 61364

5AJeff And Karin
Jeff Burke
Somonauk, IL 61540

6AJim And Ken
Jim Gifford
Somonauk, IL 61540

7AKevin And Tracy
Kevin Henry
Oglesby, IL 61348
8AKraig And Cody
Lamp Liter
Kraig Mathes
1474 E. Us. Hwy 6 Ottawa, IL 61350

9ALarry And Adam
E And J 12th St
Larry Keith
510 E. 12th St Streator, IL 61364

10ARich And Jack
Jack's Tap
Rich Farrell
809 S. Illinois St Streator, IL 61364
11AVito And Omar
Edge's Tap
Vito Lenhart
1805 4th St Peru, IL 61301

Division A

Week Date Home Away At Notes
1 02/11/2020
02/11/2020 Larry And Adam Rich And Jack E And J 12th St
02/11/2020 Dave And Nick Vito And Omar Buzzy's
02/11/2020 BYE Kraig And Cody BYE
02/11/2020 Chad And Josh Darien And Drew Leez
02/11/2020 Jeff And Karin Kevin And Tracy Leez
02/11/2020 Jason And Tony Jim And Ken Jack's Tap
2 02/18/2020
02/18/2020 Kraig And Cody Larry And Adam Lamp Liter
02/18/2020 Rich And Jack Jim And Ken Jack's Tap
02/18/2020 Vito And Omar Jason And Tony Edge's Tap
02/18/2020 Darien And Drew Dave And Nick Spike's
02/18/2020 Kevin And Tracy BYE BYE
02/18/2020 Jeff And Karin Chad And Josh Leez
3 02/25/2020
02/25/2020 Kraig And Cody Jeff And Karin Lamp Liter
02/25/2020 Vito And Omar Darien And Drew Edge's Tap
02/25/2020 Kevin And Tracy Rich And Jack CortiLenos
02/25/2020 Jim And Ken Chad And Josh Leez
02/25/2020 Jason And Tony BYE BYE
02/25/2020 Larry And Adam Dave And Nick E And J 12th St
4 03/03/2020
03/03/2020 BYE Jeff And Karin BYE
03/03/2020 Dave And Nick Chad And Josh Buzzy's
03/03/2020 Larry And Adam Kevin And Tracy E And J 12th St
03/03/2020 Darien And Drew Jason And Tony Spike's
03/03/2020 Jim And Ken Kraig And Cody Leez
03/03/2020 Rich And Jack Vito And Omar Jack's Tap
5 03/10/2020
03/10/2020 Jeff And Karin Larry And Adam Leez
03/10/2020 Jason And Tony Dave And Nick Jack's Tap
03/10/2020 BYE Jim And Ken BYE
03/10/2020 Chad And Josh Rich And Jack Leez
03/10/2020 Vito And Omar Kevin And Tracy Edge's Tap
03/10/2020 Darien And Drew Kraig And Cody Spike's
6 03/17/2020
03/17/2020 Jeff And Karin Jim And Ken Leez
03/17/2020 Rich And Jack Jason And Tony Jack's Tap
03/17/2020 Vito And Omar Larry And Adam Edge's Tap
03/17/2020 Kraig And Cody Dave And Nick Lamp Liter
03/17/2020 Darien And Drew BYE BYE
03/17/2020 Kevin And Tracy Chad And Josh CortiLenos
7 03/24/2020
03/24/2020 Larry And Adam BYE BYE
03/24/2020 Kraig And Cody Vito And Omar Lamp Liter
03/24/2020 Rich And Jack Darien And Drew Jack's Tap
03/24/2020 Jim And Ken Kevin And Tracy Leez
03/24/2020 Chad And Josh Jason And Tony Leez
03/24/2020 Dave And Nick Jeff And Karin Buzzy's
8 03/31/2020
03/31/2020 Jeff And Karin Rich And Jack Leez
03/31/2020 Vito And Omar Jim And Ken Edge's Tap
03/31/2020 Jason And Tony Kraig And Cody Jack's Tap
03/31/2020 Larry And Adam Darien And Drew E And J 12th St
03/31/2020 Kevin And Tracy Dave And Nick CortiLenos
03/31/2020 BYE Chad And Josh BYE
9 04/07/2020
04/07/2020 BYE Vito And Omar BYE
04/07/2020 Darien And Drew Kevin And Tracy Spike's
04/07/2020 Kraig And Cody Chad And Josh Lamp Liter
04/07/2020 Dave And Nick Rich And Jack Buzzy's
04/07/2020 Jim And Ken Larry And Adam Leez
04/07/2020 Jason And Tony Jeff And Karin Jack's Tap
10 04/14/2020
04/14/2020 Larry And Adam Jason And Tony E And J 12th St
04/14/2020 Dave And Nick Jim And Ken Buzzy's
04/14/2020 Rich And Jack BYE BYE
04/14/2020 Chad And Josh Vito And Omar Leez
04/14/2020 Kevin And Tracy Kraig And Cody CortiLenos
04/14/2020 Jeff And Karin Darien And Drew Leez
11 04/21/2020
04/21/2020 Vito And Omar Jeff And Karin Edge's Tap
04/21/2020 BYE Dave And Nick BYE
04/21/2020 Chad And Josh Larry And Adam Leez
04/21/2020 Kevin And Tracy Jason And Tony CortiLenos
04/21/2020 Jim And Ken Darien And Drew Leez
04/21/2020 Rich And Jack Kraig And Cody Jack's Tap
12 04/28/2020
04/28/2020 Rich And Jack Larry And Adam Jack's Tap
04/28/2020 Vito And Omar Dave And Nick Edge's Tap
04/28/2020 Kraig And Cody BYE BYE
04/28/2020 Darien And Drew Chad And Josh Spike's
04/28/2020 Kevin And Tracy Jeff And Karin CortiLenos
04/28/2020 Jim And Ken Jason And Tony Leez
13 05/05/2020
05/05/2020 Larry And Adam Kraig And Cody E And J 12th St
05/05/2020 Jim And Ken Rich And Jack Leez
05/05/2020 Jason And Tony Vito And Omar Jack's Tap
05/05/2020 Dave And Nick Darien And Drew Buzzy's
05/05/2020 BYE Kevin And Tracy BYE
05/05/2020 Chad And Josh Jeff And Karin Leez
14 05/12/2020
05/12/2020 Jeff And Karin Kraig And Cody Leez
05/12/2020 Darien And Drew Vito And Omar Spike's
05/12/2020 Rich And Jack Kevin And Tracy Jack's Tap
05/12/2020 Chad And Josh Jim And Ken Leez
05/12/2020 BYE Jason And Tony BYE
05/12/2020 Dave And Nick Larry And Adam Buzzy's
15 05/19/2020
05/19/2020 Jeff And Karin BYE BYE
05/19/2020 Chad And Josh Dave And Nick Leez
05/19/2020 Kevin And Tracy Larry And Adam CortiLenos
05/19/2020 Jason And Tony Darien And Drew Jack's Tap
05/19/2020 Kraig And Cody Jim And Ken Lamp Liter
05/19/2020 Vito And Omar Rich And Jack Edge's Tap
16 05/26/2020
05/26/2020 Larry And Adam Jeff And Karin E And J 12th St
05/26/2020 Dave And Nick Jason And Tony Buzzy's
05/26/2020 Jim And Ken BYE BYE
05/26/2020 Rich And Jack Chad And Josh Jack's Tap
05/26/2020 Kevin And Tracy Vito And Omar CortiLenos
05/26/2020 Kraig And Cody Darien And Drew Lamp Liter
17 06/02/2020
06/02/2020 Jim And Ken Jeff And Karin Leez
06/02/2020 Jason And Tony Rich And Jack Jack's Tap
06/02/2020 Larry And Adam Vito And Omar E And J 12th St
06/02/2020 Dave And Nick Kraig And Cody Buzzy's
06/02/2020 BYE Darien And Drew BYE
06/02/2020 Chad And Josh Kevin And Tracy Leez
18 06/09/2020
06/09/2020 BYE Larry And Adam BYE
06/09/2020 Vito And Omar Kraig And Cody Edge's Tap
06/09/2020 Darien And Drew Rich And Jack Spike's
06/09/2020 Kevin And Tracy Jim And Ken CortiLenos
06/09/2020 Jason And Tony Chad And Josh Jack's Tap
06/09/2020 Jeff And Karin Dave And Nick Leez
19 06/16/2020
06/16/2020 Rich And Jack Jeff And Karin Jack's Tap
06/16/2020 Jim And Ken Vito And Omar Leez
06/16/2020 Kraig And Cody Jason And Tony Lamp Liter
06/16/2020 Darien And Drew Larry And Adam Spike's
06/16/2020 Dave And Nick Kevin And Tracy Buzzy's
06/16/2020 Chad And Josh BYE BYE
20 06/23/2020
06/23/2020 Vito And Omar BYE BYE
06/23/2020 Kevin And Tracy Darien And Drew CortiLenos
06/23/2020 Chad And Josh Kraig And Cody Leez
06/23/2020 Rich And Jack Dave And Nick Jack's Tap
06/23/2020 Larry And Adam Jim And Ken E And J 12th St
06/23/2020 Jeff And Karin Jason And Tony Leez
21 06/30/2020
06/30/2020 Jason And Tony Larry And Adam Jack's Tap
06/30/2020 Jim And Ken Dave And Nick Leez
06/30/2020 BYE Rich And Jack BYE
06/30/2020 Vito And Omar Chad And Josh Edge's Tap
06/30/2020 Kraig And Cody Kevin And Tracy Lamp Liter
06/30/2020 Darien And Drew Jeff And Karin Spike's
22 07/07/2020
07/07/2020 Jeff And Karin Vito And Omar Leez
07/07/2020 Dave And Nick BYE BYE
07/07/2020 Larry And Adam Chad And Josh E And J 12th St
07/07/2020 Jason And Tony Kevin And Tracy Jack's Tap
07/07/2020 Darien And Drew Jim And Ken Spike's
07/07/2020 Kraig And Cody Rich And Jack Lamp Liter

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