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 FYF has quit Due to some reasons so they become a bye

Schedule Report for WNR20 - Wednesdaysummer20

Report Date: 09/18/2020

# Div. Team / Site Name Site Address Site Phone
1ABrian And Jordan
Down The Street
 122 North Tonica Mason City, IL 61540 217-482-3589
2AChoy And Craig
East End Tap
 403 E. Walnut St Oglesby, IL 61348 815-883-8926
3ACusters Last Stand
Aces And Eights
 103 S. Lasalle St. Tonica, IL 61370 815-442-2237
4AJ And B
  Peru, IL 61540 
Jake's Pourhouse
 201 9th St Lasalle, IL 61301 815-223-8232
6AJeff And Matt
 1569 Crosat St LaSalle, IL 61565 
Edge's Tap
 1805 4th St Peru, IL 61301 815-780-8288
8ATm Quit FYF
 116 E 3RD ST KEWANEE, IL 61443 309-884-0113

Division A

Week Date Home Away At Notes
1 07/15/2020
Spikes Brian And Jordan Edge's Tap
J And B Jakes Bridgetenders
Jeff And Matt Custers Last Stand Buzzy's
Choy And Craig Tm Quit FYF East End Tap
2 07/22/2020
Brian And Jordan J And B Down The Street
Jakes Custers Last Stand Jake's Pourhouse
Tm Quit FYF Spikes END ZONE
Jeff And Matt Choy And Craig Buzzy's
3 07/29/2020
J And B Spikes Bridgetenders
Custers Last Stand Choy And Craig Aces And Eights
Jakes Tm Quit FYF Jake's Pourhouse
Jeff And Matt Brian And Jordan Buzzy's
4 08/05/2020
J And B Custers Last Stand Bridgetenders
Spikes Jakes Edge's Tap
Choy And Craig Brian And Jordan East End Tap
Tm Quit FYF Jeff And Matt END ZONE
5 08/12/2020
Choy And Craig J And B East End Tap
Brian And Jordan Jakes Down The Street
Tm Quit FYF Custers Last Stand END ZONE
Jeff And Matt Spikes Buzzy's
6 08/19/2020
J And B Jeff And Matt Bridgetenders
Custers Last Stand Spikes Aces And Eights
Jakes Choy And Craig Jake's Pourhouse
Brian And Jordan Tm Quit FYF Down The Street
7 08/26/2020
Jeff And Matt Jakes Buzzy's
Custers Last Stand Brian And Jordan Aces And Eights
J And B Tm Quit FYF Bridgetenders
Spikes Choy And Craig Edge's Tap
8 09/02/2020
Brian And Jordan Spikes Down The Street
Jakes J And B Jake's Pourhouse
Custers Last Stand Jeff And Matt Aces And Eights
Tm Quit FYF Choy And Craig END ZONE
9 09/09/2020
J And B Brian And Jordan Bridgetenders
Custers Last Stand Jakes Aces And Eights
Spikes Tm Quit FYF Edge's Tap
Choy And Craig Jeff And Matt East End Tap
10 09/16/2020
Spikes J And B Edge's Tap
Choy And Craig Custers Last Stand East End Tap
Tm Quit FYF Jakes END ZONE
Brian And Jordan Jeff And Matt Down The Street
11 09/23/2020
Custers Last Stand J And B Aces And Eights
Jakes Spikes Jake's Pourhouse
Brian And Jordan Choy And Craig Down The Street
Jeff And Matt Tm Quit FYF Buzzy's
12 09/30/2020
J And B Choy And Craig Bridgetenders
Jakes Brian And Jordan Jake's Pourhouse
Custers Last Stand Tm Quit FYF Aces And Eights
Spikes Jeff And Matt Edge's Tap
13 10/07/2020
Jeff And Matt J And B Buzzy's
Spikes Custers Last Stand Edge's Tap
Choy And Craig Jakes East End Tap
Tm Quit FYF Brian And Jordan END ZONE
14 10/14/2020
Jakes Jeff And Matt Jake's Pourhouse
Brian And Jordan Custers Last Stand Down The Street
Choy And Craig Spikes East End Tap

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