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Team Captains

Report Date: 11/29/2023 11:21 PM

Team Captain Captain's Home Phone Captain's Mobile Phone Location Location's Phone
Chubz 1 Tara Geerts 815-213-0677 Chubz Pub And Grub 815-745-3333
Dart A Holics Thor Richmond 815-858-0199 Cajun Jacks 815-858-3535
Dirty Darters Kylor Bruketta 815-291-8028 Chubz Pub And Grub 815-745-3333
Drinks Well W Others Rebecca Hatfield 262-903-1208 Cajun Jacks 815-858-3535
Hillbilly Boyz Chad Hoster 815-821-5901 Smileys Pub 815-745-2634
Just 4 Fun Jay Upmann 815-238-1129 Corner Tap 815-947-2067
Pec Tap House Christy Hastings 815-238-6617 Pecatonica Tap House 608-558-5257
Red Knight Pub Todd Heidenreich 815-291-3965 Red Knight Pub 815-947-2591
Stockholders Rick Hammer 815-541-5657 Stockholders Saloon 815-594-2244

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