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Schedule Report for CCFS22 - Carroll Friday Summer 22

Report Date: 7/05/2022 1:24 AM

# Div. Team / Site Name Site Address Site Phone
1ADarty Girls
 405 Main St Savanna, IL 61074 815-273-0558
Greens Tap
 522 Main Street Savanna, IL 61074 815-273-7084
3AIs It In
Sandburr Run
 5020 Il-84 Thomson, IL 61285 815-902-6063
4APump And Dump
Ridge Runners
 800 Main Street Savanna, IL 61074 815-565-7137
5ARun It Back
TNTS Roundhouse
 939 Chicago Ave Savanna, IL 61074 815-565-7011

Division A

Week Date Home Away At Notes
1 5/06/2022
Darty Girls BYE BYE
Run It Back Greens TNTS Roundhouse
Is It In Pump And Dump Sandburr Run
2 5/13/2022
Run It Back Is It In TNTS Roundhouse
Pump And Dump Darty Girls Ridge Runners
Greens BYE BYE
3 5/20/2022
Is It In Darty Girls Sandburr Run
BYE Run It Back BYE
Greens Pump And Dump Greens Tap
4 5/27/2022
Darty Girls Greens Baggers
Run It Back Pump And Dump TNTS Roundhouse
5 6/03/2022
Is It In Greens Sandburr Run
Pump And Dump BYE BYE
Run It Back Darty Girls TNTS Roundhouse
6 6/10/2022
BYE Darty Girls BYE
Greens Run It Back Greens Tap
Pump And Dump Is It In Ridge Runners
7 6/17/2022
Is It In Run It Back Sandburr Run
Darty Girls Pump And Dump Baggers
BYE Greens BYE
8 6/24/2022
Darty Girls Is It In Baggers
Run It Back BYE BYE
Pump And Dump Greens Ridge Runners
9 7/01/2022
Greens Darty Girls Greens Tap
Pump And Dump Run It Back Ridge Runners
10 7/08/2022
Greens Is It In Greens Tap
BYE Pump And Dump BYE
Darty Girls Run It Back Baggers
11 6/09/2022
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