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Team Captains

Report Date: 11/28/2021 3:27 AM

Team Captain Captain's Home Phone Captain's Mobile Phone Location Location's Phone
Achy Breakey Darts Kayla Wilson 815-299-2148 Whiskey River Saloon 815-273-5060
Armed And Hammered Demi Hess 815-908-3004 Whiskey River Saloon 815-273-5060
Bull Shooters Michael Armstrong 563-219-6581 Ridge Runners 815-565-7137
Caddyshack Eric Smith 815-275-7288 Sandburr Run 815-902-6063
Dartbags Jason Parisi 815-281-0426 L And J Bootlegger 815-591-2161
Lady Leopards Renee Robinson 815-590-7363 Baggers 815-273-0558
Patsys Bitches Pat Kness 815-990-0765 MtCarroll Bowling 815-244-7469
Raging Bullies Corey Rodda 815-541-3442 TNTS Roundhouse 815-565-7011
Rainbow Warriors Crystal Disher 815-990-0500 Ridge Runners 815-565-7137
Ridgerunners AC Lyle Green 815-858-5665 Ridge Runners 815-565-7137
Savanna Scumbags Mitchell Prowant 815-275-8543 Baggers 815-273-0558
Sharp Shooters Mike Deininger 815-291-8673 L And J Bootlegger 815-591-2161
The Dream Team Mike Merema 815-718-4575 Ridge Runners 815-565-7137
Village Iditos Jakob Rodisel 563-217-9943 Baggers 815-273-0558
Whitestkidsukno Tyler Fosdick 815-238-2647 My Friend's Place 815-273-0566
Worthless Assholes Kristen Cowger 563-249-6509 Greens Tap 815-273-7084

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