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Team Captains

Report Date: 11/28/2021 2:55 AM

Team Captain Captain's Home Phone Captain's Mobile Phone Location Location's Phone
4 Vets Garth Huetter 563-559-8495 Amvets Post 28 563-243-3252
8th Street Zoo Crew Gina Grant 563-593-2147 8th Street Inn 563-243-6200
Bye Bye
Darty Deeds Chris Bailey 563-241-8145 Silver Dollar Saloon 563-242-4440
Hardly Tazed Brian Harlock 563-219-1483 Slops 563-212-0650
Just The Tip Mitch Tiesman 563-639-7158 Bonnies Scenic Tav 563-242-9571
Lady And The Tramps Heather Brooks 563-503-1251 Bonnies Scenic Tav 563-242-9571
Lyons Town Drunks Jim Schmidt 563-206-0676 Lyons Tap 563-242-9764
Main Ave Danelle Domdey 563-249-1139 Main Avenue Pub 563-243-2530
Manning Whistle Stop Tim Manning 563-321-2274 Mannings Whistle St 563-242-9668
Mannings Scrappers Aaron Romankiw 563-249-6563 Mannings Whistle St 563-242-9668
My Bulls Are Out Jeff Keis 563-249-6638 Lyons Tap 563-242-9764
RemingTONs Shooterz Matt Soibel 563-241-8426 Remingtons Bar 563-206-1256
Sexy And We Throw It Shane Dixon 563-321-5248 Bonnies Scenic Tav 563-242-9571
Tappin It Robin Keis 563-357-6436 Lyons Tap 563-242-9764
The Avengers Dexter Klaes 563-249-7461 Mannings Whistle St 563-242-9668

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