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Schedule Report for WHC5S4 - WL Thur Chic 5 Spring 24

Report Date: 6/24/2024 3:00 PM

# Div. Team / Site Name Captain Name / Site Address Captain / Site Phone
Dannys On Donald
Channon Shin
1125 W. Donald St. Waterloo, IA 50702

Hoochies Bar
Emily Harn
827 Central Ave Evansdale, IA 50707

Kingpin Social
Erin Ingham
2608 University Ave Waterloo, IA 50701

Bridget Vance
3420 Lafayette Rd Evansdale, IA 50707
Loftys Lounge
Brice Wilson
3480 Lafayette Rd EVANSDALE, IA 50707

6AOn The Rocks
Local Bar Hop
Victoria Jones
708 Jefferson St Waterloo, IA 50701

7APark Road
Park Road Inn
Patty Shin


Division A

Week Date Home Away At Notes
1 1/11/2024
Kingpin Loftys Kingpin Social
Kugers Hoochies Kugers
Dannys On The Rocks Dannys On Donald
Park Road BYE BYE
2 1/18/2024
Park Road Loftys Park Road Inn
BYE Dannys BYE
On The Rocks Kugers Local Bar Hop
Hoochies Kingpin Hoochies Bar
3 1/25/2024
Loftys Hoochies Loftys Lounge
Kingpin On The Rocks Kingpin Social
Kugers BYE BYE
Dannys Park Road Dannys On Donald
4 2/01/2024
Dannys Loftys Dannys On Donald
Park Road Kugers Park Road Inn
BYE Kingpin BYE
On The Rocks Hoochies Local Bar Hop
5 2/08/2024
Loftys On The Rocks Loftys Lounge
Hoochies BYE BYE
Kingpin Park Road Kingpin Social
Kugers Dannys Kugers
6 2/15/2024
Kugers Loftys Kugers
Dannys Kingpin Dannys On Donald
Park Road Hoochies Park Road Inn
BYE On The Rocks BYE
7 2/22/2024
Loftys BYE BYE
On The Rocks Park Road Local Bar Hop
Hoochies Dannys Hoochies Bar
Kingpin Kugers Kingpin Social
8 2/29/2024
Loftys Kingpin Loftys Lounge
Hoochies Kugers Hoochies Bar
On The Rocks Dannys Local Bar Hop
BYE Park Road BYE
9 3/07/2024
Loftys Park Road Loftys Lounge
Dannys BYE BYE
Kugers On The Rocks Kugers
Kingpin Hoochies Kingpin Social
10 3/14/2024 Position Round State Darts, No League
11 3/21/2024
Hoochies Loftys Hoochies Bar
On The Rocks Kingpin Local Bar Hop
BYE Kugers BYE
Park Road Dannys Park Road Inn
12 3/28/2024
Loftys Dannys Loftys Lounge
Kugers Park Road Kugers
Kingpin BYE BYE
Hoochies On The Rocks Hoochies Bar
13 4/04/2024
On The Rocks Loftys Local Bar Hop
BYE Hoochies BYE
Park Road Kingpin Park Road Inn
Dannys Kugers Dannys On Donald
14 4/11/2024
Loftys Kugers Loftys Lounge
Kingpin Dannys Kingpin Social
Hoochies Park Road Hoochies Bar
On The Rocks BYE BYE
15 4/18/2024
BYE Loftys BYE
Park Road On The Rocks Park Road Inn
Dannys Hoochies Dannys On Donald
Kugers Kingpin Kugers
16 4/25/2024 Position Round
On The Rocks Dannys Kugers
Kugers Hoochies Loftys Lounge
Kingpin Park Road Local Bar Hop
Loftys BYE BYE

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