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Team Captains

Report Date: 1/18/2022 2:33 AM

Team Captain Captain's Home Phone Captain's Mobile Phone Location Location's Phone
BYE Player Four Bye
Darts On The Floor Eric Crock 319-551-9750 Stadium Lounge 319-363-4635
Forty Four James Mercil 319-899-0841 Stadium Lounge 319-363-4635
Sofa Can Lucky Jeff Paulsen 319-383-3106 Checkers Tavern 319-364-9927
Team CHAOS Burke Schrader 563-880-1694 Double Z 319-826-2996
Think About It Stuart Johnson 515-778-3695 Break Room 319-363-9140
Village Idiots Jeremy Bauswell 319-431-0658 Double Z 319-826-2996
ZFG Ray Carrizales 319-899-7016 Stadium Lounge 319-363-4635
Bulls And Bros Dustin Burken 319-440-1260 Break Room 319-363-9140
Bullshitters Tyler Fannon 319-538-6963 Break Room 319-363-9140
Dirtbags Art Schwarting 319-325-6152 Jimmy Zs 319-200-2186
Kwicherbitchen Michael Spurlock 319-270-0662 Stadium Lounge 319-363-4635
Nicks Adam Cason 319-329-8521 Nicks 319-390-0462
Tri Lambs Cory Kamoss 319-573-0573 Bricks 319-366-0950

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