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Team Captains

Report Date: 7/05/2022 1:08 AM

Team Captain Captain's Home Phone Captain's Mobile Phone Location Location's Phone
Belt Buckles Karter Kilburg 563-542-9142 Jeronimo 563-872-4885
Bridget And Bethany Vicki Shaw 815-440-9808 The Garage 563-689-4997
Daniel Who Ryan Fey 563-213-6403 Obies 563-659-9074
Dody Cavid Cody Klemann 563-249-4761 Obies 563-659-9074
DooTigus Daniel Holmes 563-357-4296 Obies 563-659-9074
Fosdick Tyler Fosdick 815-238-2647 Homeport 563-687-2692
Gayrage Boys Tony Lant 563-212-5155 The Garage 563-689-4997
Im Good Hes Blind Josh Yaddof 563-590-1058 Homeport 563-687-2692
Roys Richard Schlecht 563-219-6143 Roys Hideaway 563-689-4661
Savanna Shooters Michael Armstrong 563-219-6581 VFW Sabula 563-687-2784

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