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Schedule Report for REMB - Remote Doubles B Division

Report Date: 05/27/2019

# Div. Team / Site Name Captain Name / Site Address Captain / Site Phone
1ABulls Deep
Beer 30
Ryan Sigvoldson
424 Main St. Edmore, ND 58330
2ACarpenters Corner
Carpenters Corner
Mike Carpenter
Thief River Falls, MN 56701
3ADales Doesnt Matter
Dale's Lounge
Derrick Chase
Dunseith, ND 58301
4AHorsemans Allery
Marshall Allery
Belcourt, Nd, ND 58316
5AHorsemans Desjarlais
Jonathan Desjarlais
Belcourt, Nd, ND 58316
6APowerhouse Schaf
Dwight Schaf
Mandan, ND 58301
7ARanchmans 23
Kirk Hawkinson
8ATon Of Fun
Diamond Lounge
Chris Davis
Grand Forks, ND 58201

Division A

Week Date Home Away At Notes
1 11/05/2018
Horsemans Allery Dales Doesnt Matter Horseman's
Ton Of Fun Carpenters Corner Diamond Lounge
Powerhouse Schaf Bulls Deep Powerhouse
Ranchmans 23 Horsemans Desjarlais Ranchman's
2 11/12/2018
Ranchmans 23 Dales Doesnt Matter Ranchman's
Horsemans Desjarlais Powerhouse Schaf Horseman's
Bulls Deep Ton Of Fun Beer 30
Carpenters Corner Horsemans Allery Carpenters Corner
3 11/19/2018
Dales Doesnt Matter Carpenters Corner Dale's Lounge
Horsemans Allery Bulls Deep Horseman's
Ton Of Fun Horsemans Desjarlais Diamond Lounge
Powerhouse Schaf Ranchmans 23 Powerhouse
4 11/26/2018
Powerhouse Schaf Dales Doesnt Matter Powerhouse
Ranchmans 23 Ton Of Fun Ranchman's
Horsemans Desjarlais Horsemans Allery Horseman's
Bulls Deep Carpenters Corner Beer 30
5 12/03/2018
Dales Doesnt Matter Bulls Deep Dale's Lounge
Carpenters Corner Horsemans Desjarlais Carpenters Corner
Horsemans Allery Ranchmans 23 Horseman's
Ton Of Fun Powerhouse Schaf Diamond Lounge
6 12/10/2018
Ton Of Fun Dales Doesnt Matter Diamond Lounge
Powerhouse Schaf Horsemans Allery Powerhouse
Ranchmans 23 Carpenters Corner Ranchman's
Horsemans Desjarlais Bulls Deep Horseman's
7 12/17/2018
Dales Doesnt Matter Horsemans Desjarlais Dale's Lounge
Bulls Deep Ranchmans 23 Beer 30
Carpenters Corner Powerhouse Schaf Carpenters Corner
Horsemans Allery Ton Of Fun Horseman's
8 01/07/2019
Dales Doesnt Matter Horsemans Allery Dale's Lounge
Carpenters Corner Ton Of Fun Carpenters Corner
Bulls Deep Powerhouse Schaf Beer 30
BYE Ranchmans 23 BYE
9 01/14/2019
Dales Doesnt Matter Ranchmans 23 Dale's Lounge
Powerhouse Schaf BYE BYE
Ton Of Fun Bulls Deep Diamond Lounge
Horsemans Allery Carpenters Corner Horseman's
10 01/21/2019
Carpenters Corner Dales Doesnt Matter Carpenters Corner
Bulls Deep Horsemans Allery Beer 30
BYE Ton Of Fun BYE
Ranchmans 23 Powerhouse Schaf Ranchman's
11 01/28/2019
Dales Doesnt Matter Powerhouse Schaf Dale's Lounge
Ton Of Fun Ranchmans 23 Diamond Lounge
Horsemans Allery BYE BYE
Carpenters Corner Bulls Deep Carpenters Corner
12 02/04/2019
Bulls Deep Dales Doesnt Matter Beer 30
BYE Carpenters Corner BYE
Ranchmans 23 Horsemans Allery Ranchman's
Powerhouse Schaf Ton Of Fun Powerhouse
13 02/11/2019
Dales Doesnt Matter Ton Of Fun Dale's Lounge
Horsemans Allery Powerhouse Schaf Horseman's
Carpenters Corner Ranchmans 23 Carpenters Corner
Bulls Deep BYE BYE
14 02/18/2019
BYE Dales Doesnt Matter BYE
Ranchmans 23 Bulls Deep Ranchman's
Powerhouse Schaf Carpenters Corner Powerhouse
Ton Of Fun Horsemans Allery Diamond Lounge
15 03/04/2019
Ranchmans 23 Carpenters Corner Ranchman's
Dales Doesnt Matter Powerhouse Schaf Dale's Lounge
16 03/11/2019
Ranchmans 23 Dales Doesnt Matter Ranchman's

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