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Schedule Report for 23ETHR - Hwy23 East Thursday Darts

Report Date: 11/29/2023 5:22 AM

# Div. Team / Site Name Captain Name / Site Address Captain / Site Phone
1AArmed And Hammered
Josh Evans
207 1st Str NE Parshall, ND 58770
2ABulls Deep
Benny Many Ribs
207 1st Str NE Parshall, ND 58770
3ADarty Secrets
Jessi Baker
207 1st Str NE Parshall, ND 58770
4AHI Volume
Missy Gillies
207 1st Str NE Parshall, ND 58770
5AMHA Bull Shooters
Zack Lonefight
207 1st Str NE Parshall, ND 58770
6AOn Point
Mike Cargill
207 1st Str NE Parshall, ND 58770
7ARyders Finest
Ryder Star
Clair Fox
241 Main St. Ryder, ND 58301
8ASilent Bud Deadly
Ryder Star
241 Main St. Ryder, ND 58301
9ATons Of Fun
Donavan Likes Eagle
207 1st Str NE Parshall, ND 58770
10ATop Shelf
Melaine Foote
207 1st Str NE Parshall, ND 58770

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Division A

Week Date Home Away At Notes
1 10/19/2023
Bulls Deep Ryders Finest Bruskis
Top Shelf Darty Secrets Bruskis
HI Volume Tons Of Fun Bruskis
On Point MHA Bull Shooters Bruskis
Silent Bud Deadly Armed And Hammered Ryder Star
2 10/26/2023
Silent Bud Deadly Ryders Finest Ryder Star
Armed And Hammered On Point Bruskis
MHA Bull Shooters HI Volume Bruskis
Tons Of Fun Top Shelf Bruskis
Darty Secrets Bulls Deep Bruskis
3 11/02/2023
Ryders Finest Darty Secrets Ryder Star
Bulls Deep Tons Of Fun Bruskis
Top Shelf MHA Bull Shooters Bruskis
HI Volume Armed And Hammered Bruskis
On Point Silent Bud Deadly Bruskis
4 11/09/2023
On Point Ryders Finest Bruskis
Silent Bud Deadly HI Volume Ryder Star
Armed And Hammered Top Shelf Bruskis
MHA Bull Shooters Bulls Deep Bruskis
Tons Of Fun Darty Secrets Bruskis
5 11/16/2023
Ryders Finest Tons Of Fun Ryder Star
Darty Secrets MHA Bull Shooters Bruskis
Bulls Deep Armed And Hammered Bruskis
Top Shelf Silent Bud Deadly Bruskis
HI Volume On Point Bruskis
6 11/30/2023
HI Volume Ryders Finest Bruskis
On Point Top Shelf Bruskis
Silent Bud Deadly Bulls Deep Ryder Star
Armed And Hammered Darty Secrets Bruskis
MHA Bull Shooters Tons Of Fun Bruskis
7 12/07/2023
Ryders Finest MHA Bull Shooters Ryder Star
Tons Of Fun Armed And Hammered Bruskis
Darty Secrets Silent Bud Deadly Bruskis
Bulls Deep On Point Bruskis
Top Shelf HI Volume Bruskis
8 12/14/2023
Top Shelf Ryders Finest Bruskis
HI Volume Bulls Deep Bruskis
On Point Darty Secrets Bruskis
Silent Bud Deadly Tons Of Fun Ryder Star
Armed And Hammered MHA Bull Shooters Bruskis
9 12/21/2023
Ryders Finest Armed And Hammered Ryder Star
MHA Bull Shooters Silent Bud Deadly Bruskis
Tons Of Fun On Point Bruskis
Darty Secrets HI Volume Bruskis
Bulls Deep Top Shelf Bruskis
10 12/28/2023
Ryders Finest Bulls Deep Ryder Star
Darty Secrets Top Shelf Bruskis
Tons Of Fun HI Volume Bruskis
MHA Bull Shooters On Point Bruskis
Armed And Hammered Silent Bud Deadly Bruskis
11 1/04/2024
Ryders Finest Silent Bud Deadly Ryder Star
On Point Armed And Hammered Bruskis
HI Volume MHA Bull Shooters Bruskis
Top Shelf Tons Of Fun Bruskis
Bulls Deep Darty Secrets Bruskis
12 1/11/2024
Darty Secrets Ryders Finest Bruskis
Tons Of Fun Bulls Deep Bruskis
MHA Bull Shooters Top Shelf Bruskis
Armed And Hammered HI Volume Bruskis
Silent Bud Deadly On Point Ryder Star
13 1/18/2024
Ryders Finest On Point Ryder Star
HI Volume Silent Bud Deadly Bruskis
Top Shelf Armed And Hammered Bruskis
Bulls Deep MHA Bull Shooters Bruskis
Darty Secrets Tons Of Fun Bruskis
14 1/25/2024
Tons Of Fun Ryders Finest Bruskis
MHA Bull Shooters Darty Secrets Bruskis
Armed And Hammered Bulls Deep Bruskis
Silent Bud Deadly Top Shelf Ryder Star
On Point HI Volume Bruskis
15 2/01/2024
Ryders Finest HI Volume Ryder Star
Top Shelf On Point Bruskis
Bulls Deep Silent Bud Deadly Bruskis
Darty Secrets Armed And Hammered Bruskis
Tons Of Fun MHA Bull Shooters Bruskis
16 2/08/2024
MHA Bull Shooters Ryders Finest Bruskis
Armed And Hammered Tons Of Fun Bruskis
Silent Bud Deadly Darty Secrets Ryder Star
On Point Bulls Deep Bruskis
HI Volume Top Shelf Bruskis
17 2/15/2024
Ryders Finest Top Shelf Ryder Star
Bulls Deep HI Volume Bruskis
Darty Secrets On Point Bruskis
Tons Of Fun Silent Bud Deadly Bruskis
MHA Bull Shooters Armed And Hammered Bruskis
18 2/22/2024
Armed And Hammered Ryders Finest Bruskis
Silent Bud Deadly MHA Bull Shooters Ryder Star
On Point Tons Of Fun Bruskis
HI Volume Darty Secrets Bruskis
Top Shelf Bulls Deep Bruskis
19 2/29/2024 Make Up Week
20 3/07/2024 Playoffs Start

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