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Schedule Report for 18D - SUMMER REMOTE 18 D

Report Date: 12/10/2018

# Div. Team / Site Name Captain Name / Site Address Captain / Site Phone
1ACount Your Luck
Schwans Rec
Dyllon Burgess
714 1st Ave NE Aberdeen, SD 58601
2ADont Call Me Dale
Diamond Lounge
Corey Merrill
1607 Demers Grand Forks, ND 58201
3ADos Toros
Long X Saloon
Jay Carr
504 Main St Grassy Butte, ND 58634
4AHorsemans Jermoe
Janelle Jerome
Belcourt, ND 58601
5AMidway May
Midway Junction
Shad May
2322 Front St W Williston, ND 58801
Jerseys Sports Bar
Jackie Thorson
2020 8th Ave NE Aberdeen, SD 57401
Esquire Club
Chris Dolajak
Esquire Club Dickinson, ND 58601
8AScapegoat Bar
Scapegoat Bar
Jason VanderLaan
202 East Main Mandan, ND 58554
9ATNT Tavern
TNT Tavern
Tylar Anderson
31 S Main Driscoll, ND 58532
10ATys Sharks
Ty's Lodge
TY Ackerman
101 Dana Dr Devils Lake, ND 58301

Division A

Week Date Home Away At Notes
1 06/03/2018 46 combined ppd league max. 4 nights for Regional - 48 games. 8 nights for Vegas - 96 games.
Count Your Luck Dos Toros Schwans Rec
Midway May Horsemans Jermoe Midway Junction
Scapegoat Bar Options Scapegoat Bar
TNT Tavern Dont Call Me Dale TNT Tavern
Tys Sharks NNAPPA X3 Ty's Lodge
2 06/10/2018
Tys Sharks Dos Toros Ty's Lodge
NNAPPA X3 TNT Tavern Jerseys Sports Bar
Dont Call Me Dale Scapegoat Bar Diamond Lounge
Options Midway May Esquire Club
Horsemans Jermoe Count Your Luck Horsemens
3 06/17/2018
Dos Toros Horsemans Jermoe Long X Saloon
Count Your Luck Options Schwans Rec
Midway May Dont Call Me Dale Midway Junction
Scapegoat Bar NNAPPA X3 Scapegoat Bar
TNT Tavern Tys Sharks TNT Tavern
4 06/24/2018
TNT Tavern Dos Toros TNT Tavern
Tys Sharks Scapegoat Bar Ty's Lodge
NNAPPA X3 Midway May Jerseys Sports Bar
Dont Call Me Dale Count Your Luck Diamond Lounge
Options Horsemans Jermoe Esquire Club
5 07/01/2018 make up week 1.. Happy 4th of July
6 07/08/2018 make up week 2 ... happy 4th of july
7 07/15/2018
Dos Toros Options Long X Saloon
Horsemans Jermoe Dont Call Me Dale Horsemens
Count Your Luck NNAPPA X3 Schwans Rec
Midway May Tys Sharks Midway Junction
Scapegoat Bar TNT Tavern Scapegoat Bar
8 07/22/2018
Scapegoat Bar Dos Toros Scapegoat Bar
TNT Tavern Midway May TNT Tavern
Tys Sharks Count Your Luck Ty's Lodge
NNAPPA X3 Horsemans Jermoe Jerseys Sports Bar
Dont Call Me Dale Options Diamond Lounge
9 07/29/2018
Dos Toros Dont Call Me Dale Long X Saloon
Options NNAPPA X3 Esquire Club
Horsemans Jermoe Tys Sharks Horsemens
Count Your Luck TNT Tavern Schwans Rec
Midway May Scapegoat Bar Midway Junction
10 08/05/2018
Midway May Dos Toros Midway Junction
Scapegoat Bar Count Your Luck Scapegoat Bar
TNT Tavern Horsemans Jermoe TNT Tavern
Tys Sharks Options Ty's Lodge
NNAPPA X3 Dont Call Me Dale Jerseys Sports Bar
11 08/12/2018
Dos Toros NNAPPA X3 Long X Saloon
Dont Call Me Dale Tys Sharks Diamond Lounge
Options TNT Tavern Esquire Club
Horsemans Jermoe Scapegoat Bar Horsemens
Count Your Luck Midway May Schwans Rec

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