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Schedule Report for 19MDA - 2018 19 Mixed Doubles A

Report Date: 02/26/2020

# Div. Team / Site Name Captain Name / Site Address Captain / Site Phone
1AAdvanced Oilfield
Joe Pattee
Champs Dickinson, ND 58601
The Pub
Scott Christensen
3AFriday Night Flights
Neighbors Bar
Matt Hecker
Dickinson, ND 58601
4AMissing Big Bulls
I Don't Know Bar
Shane Sandau
Dickinson, ND 58655
5ANUcking Futz
DC Grub And Pub
Greg Armitage
22 Main St W Dunn Center, ND 58626
Esquire Club
Chris Dolajak
Esquire Club Dickinson, ND 58601
Last Chance Saloon
Cori Dressler
PO Box 275 Halliday, ND 58636
8AStill Naughty
Southside Saloon
Steve Romey
Dickinson, ND 58601

Division A

Week Date Home Away At Notes
1 10/25/2019
Squirrels Missing Big Bulls Last Chance Saloon
Friday Night Flights Options Neighbors Bar
Still Naughty NUcking Futz Southside Saloon
Christncrows Advanced Oilfield The Pub
2 11/01/2019
Christncrows Missing Big Bulls The Pub
Advanced Oilfield Still Naughty Champs
NUcking Futz Friday Night Flights DC Grub And Pub
Options Squirrels Esquire Club
3 11/08/2019
Missing Big Bulls Options I Don't Know Bar
Squirrels NUcking Futz Last Chance Saloon
Friday Night Flights Advanced Oilfield Neighbors Bar
Still Naughty Christncrows Southside Saloon
4 11/15/2019
Still Naughty Missing Big Bulls Southside Saloon
Christncrows Friday Night Flights The Pub
Advanced Oilfield Squirrels Champs
NUcking Futz Options DC Grub And Pub
5 11/22/2019
Missing Big Bulls NUcking Futz I Don't Know Bar
Options Advanced Oilfield Esquire Club
Squirrels Christncrows Last Chance Saloon
Friday Night Flights Still Naughty Neighbors Bar
6 12/06/2019
Friday Night Flights Missing Big Bulls Neighbors Bar
Still Naughty Squirrels Southside Saloon
Christncrows Options The Pub
Advanced Oilfield NUcking Futz Champs
7 12/13/2019
Missing Big Bulls Advanced Oilfield I Don't Know Bar
NUcking Futz Christncrows DC Grub And Pub
Options Still Naughty Esquire Club
Squirrels Friday Night Flights Last Chance Saloon
8 12/20/2019
Missing Big Bulls Squirrels I Don't Know Bar
Options Friday Night Flights Esquire Club
NUcking Futz Still Naughty DC Grub And Pub
Advanced Oilfield Christncrows Champs
9 01/03/2020
Missing Big Bulls Christncrows I Don't Know Bar
Still Naughty Advanced Oilfield Southside Saloon
Friday Night Flights NUcking Futz Neighbors Bar
Squirrels Options Last Chance Saloon
10 01/10/2020
Options Missing Big Bulls Esquire Club
NUcking Futz Squirrels DC Grub And Pub
Advanced Oilfield Friday Night Flights Champs
Christncrows Still Naughty The Pub
11 01/17/2020
Missing Big Bulls Still Naughty I Don't Know Bar
Friday Night Flights Christncrows Neighbors Bar
Squirrels Advanced Oilfield Last Chance Saloon
Options NUcking Futz Esquire Club
12 01/31/2020
NUcking Futz Missing Big Bulls DC Grub And Pub
Advanced Oilfield Options Champs
Christncrows Squirrels The Pub
Still Naughty Friday Night Flights Southside Saloon
13 02/07/2020
Missing Big Bulls Friday Night Flights I Don't Know Bar
Squirrels Still Naughty Last Chance Saloon
Options Christncrows Esquire Club
NUcking Futz Advanced Oilfield DC Grub And Pub
14 02/21/2020
Advanced Oilfield Missing Big Bulls Champs
Christncrows NUcking Futz The Pub
Still Naughty Options Southside Saloon
Friday Night Flights Squirrels Neighbors Bar

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