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J & J Amusements
Southern & East Central IL

P.O. Box 1709
Effingham, IL 62401

Schedule Report for SC1R1I - SC SUNDAY SGLSREMT WTR23

Report Date: 2/28/2024 9:41 AM

# Div. Team / Site Name Captain Name / Site Address Captain / Site Phone
1AJerod Henry
Dave's Place
Jerod Henry
121 N Broad St Lanark, IL 61046
2AKeith Curry
302 Coal St Sesser, IL 62884
3AKevin Budden
Dave's Place
Kevin Budden
121 N Broad St Lanark, IL 61046
4ALucas McElroy
4728On The Rox
4728 E. US Hwy 40 Altamont, IL 62401
5AMatt Feazel
612 N. Mine Sandoval, IL 62882
6ARaegen Budden
Dave's Place
Raegan Budden
121 N Broad St Lanark, IL 61046
7ARob Olmstead
Dozers Pub
Rob Olmstead
407 E. National Rd Montrose, IL 62445
8ATim Krampe
103A W. Louis St Effingham, IL 62401
9AWojciech Baluch
Pipas Pub
Wojciech Baluch
604 S County Fair Dr Champaign, IL 61821

Division A

Week Date Home Away At Notes
1 1/08/2023
Jerod Henry Tim Krampe Dave's Place
Keith Curry Rob Olmstead VFW SESSER
Matt Feazel Lucas McElroy 5150 SALOON
Wojciech Baluch BYE BYE
Raegen Budden Kevin Budden Dave's Place
2 1/15/2023
Raegen Budden Tim Krampe Dave's Place
Kevin Budden Wojciech Baluch Dave's Place
BYE Matt Feazel BYE
Lucas McElroy Keith Curry 4728On The Rox
Rob Olmstead Jerod Henry Dozers Pub
3 1/22/2023
Tim Krampe Rob Olmstead Kazbar
Jerod Henry Lucas McElroy Dave's Place
Keith Curry BYE BYE
Matt Feazel Kevin Budden 5150 SALOON
Wojciech Baluch Raegen Budden Pipas Pub
4 1/29/2023
Wojciech Baluch Tim Krampe Pipas Pub
Raegen Budden Matt Feazel Dave's Place
Kevin Budden Keith Curry Dave's Place
BYE Jerod Henry BYE
Lucas McElroy Rob Olmstead 4728On The Rox
5 2/05/2023
Tim Krampe Lucas McElroy Kazbar
Rob Olmstead BYE BYE
Jerod Henry Kevin Budden Dave's Place
Keith Curry Raegen Budden VFW SESSER
Matt Feazel Wojciech Baluch 5150 SALOON
6 2/12/2023
Matt Feazel Tim Krampe 5150 SALOON
Wojciech Baluch Keith Curry Pipas Pub
Raegen Budden Jerod Henry Dave's Place
Kevin Budden Rob Olmstead Dave's Place
BYE Lucas McElroy BYE
7 2/19/2023
Tim Krampe BYE BYE
Lucas McElroy Kevin Budden 4728On The Rox
Rob Olmstead Raegen Budden Dozers Pub
Jerod Henry Wojciech Baluch Dave's Place
Keith Curry Matt Feazel VFW SESSER
8 2/26/2023
Keith Curry Tim Krampe VFW SESSER
Matt Feazel Jerod Henry 5150 SALOON
Wojciech Baluch Rob Olmstead Pipas Pub
Raegen Budden Lucas McElroy Dave's Place
Kevin Budden BYE BYE
9 3/05/2023
Tim Krampe Kevin Budden Kazbar
BYE Raegen Budden BYE
Lucas McElroy Wojciech Baluch 4728On The Rox
Rob Olmstead Matt Feazel Dozers Pub
Jerod Henry Keith Curry Dave's Place
10 3/12/2023
Tim Krampe Jerod Henry Kazbar
Rob Olmstead Keith Curry Dozers Pub
Lucas McElroy Matt Feazel 4728On The Rox
BYE Wojciech Baluch BYE
Kevin Budden Raegen Budden Dave's Place
11 3/19/2023
Tim Krampe Raegen Budden Kazbar
Wojciech Baluch Kevin Budden Pipas Pub
Matt Feazel BYE BYE
Keith Curry Lucas McElroy VFW SESSER
Jerod Henry Rob Olmstead Dave's Place
12 3/26/2023
Rob Olmstead Tim Krampe Dozers Pub
Lucas McElroy Jerod Henry 4728On The Rox
BYE Keith Curry BYE
Kevin Budden Matt Feazel Dave's Place
Raegen Budden Wojciech Baluch Dave's Place
13 4/02/2023
Tim Krampe Wojciech Baluch Kazbar
Matt Feazel Raegen Budden 5150 SALOON
Keith Curry Kevin Budden VFW SESSER
Jerod Henry BYE BYE
Rob Olmstead Lucas McElroy Dozers Pub
14 4/09/2023
Lucas McElroy Tim Krampe 4728On The Rox
BYE Rob Olmstead BYE
Kevin Budden Jerod Henry Dave's Place
Raegen Budden Keith Curry Dave's Place
Wojciech Baluch Matt Feazel Pipas Pub
15 4/16/2023
Tim Krampe Matt Feazel Kazbar
Keith Curry Wojciech Baluch VFW SESSER
Jerod Henry Raegen Budden Dave's Place
Rob Olmstead Kevin Budden Dozers Pub
Lucas McElroy BYE BYE
16 4/23/2023
BYE Tim Krampe BYE
Kevin Budden Lucas McElroy Dave's Place
Raegen Budden Rob Olmstead Dave's Place
Wojciech Baluch Jerod Henry Pipas Pub
Matt Feazel Keith Curry 5150 SALOON
17 4/30/2023
Tim Krampe Keith Curry Kazbar
Jerod Henry Matt Feazel Dave's Place
Rob Olmstead Wojciech Baluch Dozers Pub
Lucas McElroy Raegen Budden 4728On The Rox
BYE Kevin Budden BYE
18 5/07/2023
Kevin Budden Tim Krampe Dave's Place
Raegen Budden BYE BYE
Wojciech Baluch Lucas McElroy Pipas Pub
Matt Feazel Rob Olmstead 5150 SALOON
Keith Curry Jerod Henry VFW SESSER

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