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1350 Oxley Rd.
Columbus, OH 43212

Schedule Report for TGDS19 - Tuesday Gold Doubles S19

Report Date: 02/22/2019

# Div. Team / Site Name Captain Name / Site Address Captain / Site Phone
1Gold Doubles48ppd
Jarred Riccadonna
1365 Brice Rd Columbus, OH 43068
2Gold DoublesBever Down
James Downey
530 Norton Rd Columbus, OH 43228
3Gold DoublesBullshooters
Wrigley Field
6527 E State Blvd Fort Wayne, IN 46815
4Gold DoublesChocolate Milk
Danny Greenwade
1365 Brice Rd Columbus, OH 43068
5Gold DoublesFlight School
Sandy Bobs
Brandon Kessler
2008 OH-199 Carey, OH 43316
6Gold DoublesReturn Of The Mikes
Mike Cormack
530 Norton Rd Columbus, OH 43228
7Gold DoublesTender Love
Alumni Pub
Tom Ceckitti
6412 Winchester Blvd Canal Winchester, OH 43110
8Gold DoublesWake Up Scuba
Frontrow GC
Jason Wakefield
3062 Southwest Blvd Grove City, OH 43123

Division Gold Doubles

Site Name Site Address Site Phone
Frontrow GC3062 Southwest Blvd Grove City OH, 43123614-539-5947
O'Malley's530 Norton Rd Columbus OH, 43228614-878-0001
Sandy Bobs2008 OH-199 Carey OH, 43316419-396-4097
Shooters1365 Brice Rd Columbus OH, 43068614-501-7000
Wrigley Field6527 E State Blvd Fort Wayne IN, 46815260-485-1038
Alumni Pub6412 Winchester Blvd Canal Winchester OH, 43110614-834-7930

Week Date Home Away At Notes
1 02/12/2019
Return Of The Mikes 48ppd O'Malley's
Bullshooters Wake Up Scuba Wrigley Field
Flight School Tender Love Sandy Bobs
Chocolate Milk Bever Down Shooters
2 02/19/2019
Bullshooters Return Of The Mikes Wrigley Field
48ppd Chocolate Milk Shooters
Bever Down Flight School O'Malley's
Wake Up Scuba Tender Love Frontrow GC
3 02/26/2019
Return Of The Mikes Wake Up Scuba O'Malley's
Chocolate Milk Bullshooters Shooters
Flight School 48ppd Sandy Bobs
Tender Love Bever Down Alumni Pub
4 03/05/2019
Return Of The Mikes Chocolate Milk O'Malley's
Bullshooters Flight School Wrigley Field
48ppd Tender Love Shooters
Wake Up Scuba Bever Down Frontrow GC
5 03/12/2019
Bever Down 48ppd O'Malley's
Tender Love Bullshooters Alumni Pub
Flight School Return Of The Mikes Sandy Bobs
Chocolate Milk Wake Up Scuba Shooters
6 03/19/2019
Wake Up Scuba 48ppd Frontrow GC
Bullshooters Bever Down Wrigley Field
Return Of The Mikes Tender Love O'Malley's
Chocolate Milk Flight School Shooters
7 03/26/2019
48ppd Bullshooters Shooters
Bever Down Return Of The Mikes O'Malley's
Tender Love Chocolate Milk Alumni Pub
Flight School Wake Up Scuba Sandy Bobs
8 04/02/2019
Wake Up Scuba Return Of The Mikes Frontrow GC
Bullshooters Chocolate Milk Wrigley Field
48ppd Flight School Shooters
Bever Down Tender Love O'Malley's
9 04/09/2019
Return Of The Mikes Bullshooters O'Malley's
Chocolate Milk 48ppd Shooters
Flight School Bever Down Sandy Bobs
Tender Love Wake Up Scuba Alumni Pub
10 04/16/2019
48ppd Return Of The Mikes Shooters
Wake Up Scuba Bullshooters Frontrow GC
Tender Love Flight School Alumni Pub
Bever Down Chocolate Milk O'Malley's
11 04/23/2019
Chocolate Milk Return Of The Mikes Shooters
Flight School Bullshooters Sandy Bobs
Tender Love 48ppd Alumni Pub
Bever Down Wake Up Scuba O'Malley's
12 04/30/2019
48ppd Bever Down Shooters
Bullshooters Tender Love Wrigley Field
Return Of The Mikes Flight School O'Malley's
Wake Up Scuba Chocolate Milk Frontrow GC
13 05/07/2019
48ppd Wake Up Scuba Shooters
Bever Down Bullshooters O'Malley's
Tender Love Return Of The Mikes Alumni Pub
Flight School Chocolate Milk Sandy Bobs
14 05/14/2019
Bullshooters 48ppd Wrigley Field
Return Of The Mikes Bever Down O'Malley's
Chocolate Milk Tender Love Shooters
Wake Up Scuba Flight School Frontrow GC

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