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1350 Oxley Rd.
Columbus, OH 43212

Schedule Report for SDHF18 - Thurs High Silver Dbl F18

Report Date: 01/23/2019

# Div. Team / Site Name Captain Name / Site Address Captain / Site Phone
1Division OneBang Bang
Tom Ceckitti
1846 Hard Road Columbus, OH 43235
2Division OneBouncers
Mike Harris
530 Norton Rd Columbus, OH 43228
3Division OneBulldogs
Mugsy's Pub
Steve Herd
1040 Hilliard Rome Rd Columbus, OH 43228
4Division OneDarty Deeds
Hat Trick Records
Roger Wieczorek
117 S Main St Clyde, OH 43410
5Division OneHigh On Darts
Larry Goad
1365 Brice Rd Columbus, OH 43068
6Division OneHog Mark
Fred Gerken
530 Norton Rd Columbus, OH 43228
7Division OneMaybe Next Time
Mike Cormack
1365 Brice Rd Columbus, OH 43068
8Division OneMike And Amy
Mike Bricker
530 Norton Rd Columbus, OH 43228
9Division OneReally Boom
Shannon Sermon
1365 Brice Rd Columbus, OH 43068
10Division OneSpicy Boys
Dj Grieves
1365 Brice Rd Columbus, OH 43068

Division Division One

Site Name Site Address Site Phone
Chubbys1846 Hard Road Columbus OH, 43235614-734-9831
Hat Trick Records117 S Main St Clyde OH, 43410419-603-3675
Mugsy's Pub1040 Hilliard Rome Rd Columbus OH, 43228614-870-2400
O'Malley's530 Norton Rd Columbus OH, 43228614-878-0001
Shooters1365 Brice Rd Columbus OH, 43068614-501-7000

Week Date Home Away At Notes
1 09/13/2018
Really Boom High On Darts Shooters
Bouncers Mike And Amy O'Malley's
Bulldogs Hog Mark Mugsy's Pub
Spicy Boys Maybe Next Time Shooters
Darty Deeds Bang Bang Hat Trick Records
2 09/20/2018
Bulldogs Spicy Boys Mugsy's Pub
Maybe Next Time Bouncers Shooters
Hog Mark Really Boom O'Malley's
Mike And Amy Darty Deeds O'Malley's
High On Darts Bang Bang Shooters
3 09/27/2018
Darty Deeds Maybe Next Time Hat Trick Records
High On Darts Mike And Amy Shooters
Bang Bang Hog Mark Chubbys
Really Boom Bulldogs Shooters
Bouncers Spicy Boys O'Malley's
4 10/04/2018
Spicy Boys Really Boom Shooters
Bouncers Darty Deeds O'Malley's
Bulldogs Bang Bang Mugsy's Pub
Maybe Next Time High On Darts Shooters
Hog Mark Mike And Amy O'Malley's
5 10/11/2018
Really Boom Darty Deeds Shooters
Bang Bang Bouncers Chubbys
Bulldogs High On Darts Mugsy's Pub
Mike And Amy Maybe Next Time O'Malley's
Spicy Boys Hog Mark Shooters
6 10/18/2018
Darty Deeds Spicy Boys Hat Trick Records
Really Boom Bang Bang Shooters
High On Darts Bouncers Shooters
Mike And Amy Bulldogs O'Malley's
Hog Mark Maybe Next Time O'Malley's
7 10/25/2018
Spicy Boys Mike And Amy Shooters
Bouncers Really Boom O'Malley's
Bulldogs Darty Deeds Mugsy's Pub
Maybe Next Time Bang Bang Shooters
Hog Mark High On Darts O'Malley's
8 11/01/2018
Bouncers Bulldogs O'Malley's
Really Boom Maybe Next Time Shooters
Darty Deeds Hog Mark Hat Trick Records
Bang Bang Mike And Amy Chubbys
High On Darts Spicy Boys Shooters
9 11/08/2018
Bang Bang Spicy Boys Chubbys
Maybe Next Time Bulldogs Shooters
Hog Mark Bouncers O'Malley's
Mike And Amy Really Boom O'Malley's
High On Darts Darty Deeds Shooters
10 11/15/2018
High On Darts Really Boom Shooters
Mike And Amy Bouncers O'Malley's
Hog Mark Bulldogs O'Malley's
Maybe Next Time Spicy Boys Shooters
Bang Bang Darty Deeds Chubbys
11 11/29/2018
Spicy Boys Bulldogs Shooters
Bouncers Maybe Next Time O'Malley's
Really Boom Hog Mark Shooters
Darty Deeds Mike And Amy Hat Trick Records
Bang Bang High On Darts Chubbys
12 12/06/2018
Maybe Next Time Darty Deeds Shooters
Mike And Amy High On Darts O'Malley's
Hog Mark Bang Bang O'Malley's
Bulldogs Really Boom Mugsy's Pub
Spicy Boys Bouncers Shooters
13 12/13/2018
Really Boom Spicy Boys Shooters
Darty Deeds Bouncers Hat Trick Records
Bang Bang Bulldogs Chubbys
High On Darts Maybe Next Time Shooters
Mike And Amy Hog Mark O'Malley's
14 12/20/2018
Darty Deeds Really Boom Hat Trick Records
Bouncers Bang Bang O'Malley's
High On Darts Bulldogs Shooters
Maybe Next Time Mike And Amy Shooters
Hog Mark Spicy Boys O'Malley's
15 12/27/2018
Spicy Boys Darty Deeds Shooters
Bang Bang Really Boom Chubbys
Bouncers High On Darts O'Malley's
Bulldogs Mike And Amy Mugsy's Pub
Maybe Next Time Hog Mark Shooters

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