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1350 Oxley Rd.
Columbus, OH 43212

Schedule Report for FXWMF2 - Women Flex Master Sgl F22

Report Date: 11/30/2022 6:27 AM

# Div. Team / Site Name Captain Name / Site Address Captain / Site Phone
1Female Mast F22Alyssa
Sandy Bobs
Alyssa Bushong
2008 OH-199 Carey, OH 43316
2Female Mast F22Cameron
Danielle Cameron
5986 Westerville Rd Westerville, OH 43081
3Female Mast F22Davidson
Hat Trick Records
SADIE Davidson
117 S Main St Clyde, OH 43410
4Female Mast F22HB
The Derby GC
Brooke Doughty
2209 Stringtown Rd Grove City, OH 43123
5Female Mast F22Keller
Jessica Keller
5986 Westerville Rd Westerville, OH 43081
6Female Mast F22Newport
Tina Newport
210 N. Plum Street Marysville, OH 43040
7Female Mast F22Simpkins
Lori Simpkins
210 N. Plum Street Marysville, OH 43040
8Female Mast F22Tornado
Christie Johnston
5986 Westerville Rd Westerville, OH 43081
9Female Mast F22White
Donericks Pickeringt
Lauri White
8531 Refugee Rd Pickerington, OH 43147
10Female Mast F22Yes Sir
Makenzie Buckingham
5986 Westerville Rd Westerville, OH 43081

Division Female Mast F22

Site Name Site Address Site Phone
Donericks Pickeringt8531 Refugee Rd Pickerington OH, 43147614-321-4991
The Derby GC2209 Stringtown Rd Grove City OH, 43123614-539-1909
Flamingo210 N. Plum Street Marysville OH, 43040937-642-1936
Hat Trick Records117 S Main St Clyde OH, 43410419-603-3675
Cushions5986 Westerville Rd Westerville OH, 43081614-882-5986
Sandy Bobs2008 OH-199 Carey OH, 43316419-396-4097

Week Date Home Away At Notes
1 9/11/2022
Cameron Keller Cushions
Yes Sir HB Cushions
Davidson Tornado Hat Trick Records
Newport Simpkins Flamingo
White Alyssa Donericks Pickeringt
2 9/18/2022
Yes Sir Cameron Cushions
Davidson White Hat Trick Records
Simpkins Alyssa Flamingo
Tornado Keller Cushions
HB Newport The Derby GC
3 9/25/2022
Newport Yes Sir Flamingo
Keller HB Cushions
Alyssa Tornado Sandy Bobs
White Simpkins Donericks Pickeringt
Cameron Davidson Cushions
4 10/02/2022
Tornado Simpkins Cushions
HB Davidson The Derby GC
Yes Sir Keller Cushions
Alyssa Cameron Sandy Bobs
Newport White Flamingo
5 10/09/2022
Davidson Newport Hat Trick Records
Simpkins Yes Sir Flamingo
Cameron Tornado Cushions
HB White The Derby GC
Keller Alyssa Cushions
6 10/16/2022
Alyssa Newport Sandy Bobs
White Keller Donericks Pickeringt
Cameron HB Cushions
Tornado Yes Sir Cushions
Simpkins Davidson Flamingo
7 10/23/2022
Keller Simpkins Cushions
Davidson Alyssa Hat Trick Records
Yes Sir White Cushions
Newport Cameron Flamingo
HB Tornado The Derby GC
8 10/30/2022
White Tornado Donericks Pickeringt
Yes Sir Davidson Cushions
Simpkins Cameron Flamingo
Alyssa HB Sandy Bobs
Keller Newport Cushions
9 11/06/2022
Tornado Newport Cushions
Simpkins HB Flamingo
Davidson Keller Hat Trick Records
Alyssa Yes Sir Sandy Bobs
Cameron White Cushions
10 11/13/2022
Keller Cameron Cushions
HB Yes Sir The Derby GC
Tornado Davidson Cushions
Simpkins Newport Flamingo
Alyssa White Sandy Bobs
11 11/20/2022
Cameron Yes Sir Cushions
White Davidson Donericks Pickeringt
Alyssa Simpkins Sandy Bobs
Keller Tornado Cushions
Newport HB Flamingo
12 11/27/2022
Yes Sir Newport Cushions
HB Keller The Derby GC
Tornado Alyssa UA Pub
Simpkins White Flamingo
Davidson Cameron Hat Trick Records
13 12/04/2022
Simpkins Tornado Flamingo
Davidson HB Hat Trick Records
Keller Yes Sir Cushions
Cameron Alyssa Cushions
White Newport Donericks Pickeringt
14 12/11/2022
Newport Davidson Flamingo
Yes Sir Simpkins Cushions
Tornado Cameron Cushions
White HB Donericks Pickeringt
Alyssa Keller Sandy Bobs
15 12/18/2022
Newport Alyssa Flamingo
Keller White Cushions
HB Cameron The Derby GC
Yes Sir Tornado Cushions
Davidson Simpkins Hat Trick Records
16 12/25/2022
Simpkins Keller Flamingo
Alyssa Davidson Sandy Bobs
White Yes Sir Donericks Pickeringt
Cameron Newport Cushions
Tornado HB Cushions
17 1/01/2023
Tornado White Cushions
Davidson Yes Sir Hat Trick Records
Cameron Simpkins Cushions
HB Alyssa The Derby GC
Newport Keller Flamingo
18 1/08/2023
Newport Tornado Flamingo
HB Simpkins The Derby GC
Keller Davidson Cushions
Yes Sir Alyssa Cushions
White Cameron Donericks Pickeringt

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