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1350 Oxley Rd.
Columbus, OH 43212

Schedule Report for TGDF17 - Tuesday Gold Doubles

Report Date: 11/23/2017

# Div. Team / Site Name Captain Name / Site Address Captain / Site Phone
1Gold DoublesBro Job
Black Hat
Matt Wallace
2643 Federated Blvd Columbus, OH 43235
2Gold DoublesHold My Beer
The Derby West
Todd Hurl
4812 W Broad St Columbus, OH 43228
3Gold DoublesOn The Wire
Rob Montz
530 Norton Rd Columbus, OH 43228
4Gold DoublesPhares Klinfelter
Thompson House
Ben Phares
711 E Thompson Rd Indianapolis, IN 43312
5Gold DoublesShocker
Blue Fusion
Brandon Kessler
1340 Mt Vernon Ave Marion, OH 43302
6Gold DoublesThe Hate Rilla
Alumni Pub
Tom Ceckitti
6412 Winchester Blvd Canal Winchester, OH 43110
7Gold DoublesTunningham
Phil Cunningham
530 Norton Rd Columbus, OH 43228
8Gold DoublesWake Up Scuba
Frontrow GC
Jason Wakefield
3062 Southwest Blvd Grove City, OH 43123

Division Gold Doubles

Site Name Site Address Site Phone
Alumni Pub6412 Winchester Blvd Canal Winchester OH, 43110614-834-7930
Frontrow GC3062 Southwest Blvd Grove City OH, 43123614-539-5947
Black Hat2643 Federated Blvd Columbus OH, 43235614-717-9330
The Derby West4812 W Broad St Columbus OH, 43228614-870-1716
O'Malley's530 Norton Rd Columbus OH, 43228614-878-0001
Thompson House711 E Thompson Rd Indianapolis IN, 43312317-992-2413
Blue Fusion1340 Mt Vernon Ave Marion OH, 43302

Week Date Home Away At Notes
1 09/12/2017
Shocker Wake Up Scuba Blue Fusion
Tunningham Bro Job O'Malley's
On The Wire Phares Klinfelter O'Malley's
The Hate Rilla Hold My Beer Alumni Pub
2 09/19/2017
Bro Job Phares Klinfelter Black Hat
Wake Up Scuba Hold My Beer Frontrow GC
Shocker On The Wire Blue Fusion
Tunningham The Hate Rilla O'Malley's
3 09/26/2017
Phares Klinfelter Hold My Beer Thompson House
Bro Job On The Wire Black Hat
Tunningham Wake Up Scuba O'Malley's
The Hate Rilla Shocker Alumni Pub
4 10/03/2017
Wake Up Scuba The Hate Rilla Frontrow GC
Shocker Bro Job Blue Fusion
Phares Klinfelter Tunningham Thompson House
On The Wire Hold My Beer O'Malley's
5 10/10/2017
The Hate Rilla Bro Job Alumni Pub
Phares Klinfelter Wake Up Scuba Thompson House
Hold My Beer Shocker The Derby West
On The Wire Tunningham O'Malley's
6 10/17/2017
Wake Up Scuba On The Wire Frontrow GC
Hold My Beer Bro Job The Derby West
The Hate Rilla Phares Klinfelter Alumni Pub
Tunningham Shocker O'Malley's
7 10/24/2017
On The Wire The Hate Rilla O'Malley's
Hold My Beer Tunningham The Derby West
Bro Job Wake Up Scuba Black Hat
Phares Klinfelter Shocker Thompson House
8 10/31/2017
Wake Up Scuba Shocker Frontrow GC
Bro Job Tunningham Black Hat
Phares Klinfelter On The Wire Thompson House
Hold My Beer The Hate Rilla The Derby West
9 11/07/2017
Phares Klinfelter Bro Job Thompson House
Hold My Beer Wake Up Scuba The Derby West
On The Wire Shocker O'Malley's
The Hate Rilla Tunningham Alumni Pub
10 11/14/2017
The Hate Rilla Wake Up Scuba Alumni Pub
Bro Job Shocker Black Hat
Tunningham Phares Klinfelter O'Malley's
Hold My Beer On The Wire The Derby West
11 11/21/2017
Hold My Beer Phares Klinfelter The Derby West
On The Wire Bro Job O'Malley's
Wake Up Scuba Tunningham Frontrow GC
Shocker The Hate Rilla Blue Fusion
12 11/28/2017
Bro Job The Hate Rilla Black Hat
Wake Up Scuba Phares Klinfelter Frontrow GC
Shocker Hold My Beer Blue Fusion
Tunningham On The Wire O'Malley's
13 12/05/2017
On The Wire Wake Up Scuba O'Malley's
Bro Job Hold My Beer Black Hat
Phares Klinfelter The Hate Rilla Thompson House
Shocker Tunningham Blue Fusion
14 12/12/2017
The Hate Rilla On The Wire Alumni Pub
Tunningham Hold My Beer O'Malley's
Wake Up Scuba Bro Job Frontrow GC
Shocker Phares Klinfelter Blue Fusion
15 09/07/2017

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