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1350 Oxley Rd.
Columbus, OH 43212

Schedule Report for THGSS9 - Thursday Gold Singles

Report Date: 02/22/2019

# Div. Team / Site Name Captain Name / Site Address Captain / Site Phone
1Gold SinglesCollins
Wrigley Field
Mary Beth Collins
6527 E State Blvd Fort Wayne, IN 46815
2Gold SinglesCunningham
The Point On Main St
Phil Cunningham
1192 Noe Bixby Rd Columbus, OH 43213
3Gold SinglesDavidson
Hat Trick Records
Cody Davidson
117 S Main St Clyde, OH 43410
4Gold SinglesFountaine
Plaza Lanes
Gregg Fountaine
2641 E. State St. Fremont, OH 43420
5Gold SinglesHall
Black Hat
Bryce Hall
2643 Federated Blvd Columbus, OH 43235
6Gold SinglesHughes
Beer Vault
Greg Hughes
149 W Columbus Ave Bellefontaine, OH 43311
7Gold SinglesSandman
Black Hat
Rob Coldiron
2643 Federated Blvd Columbus, OH 43235

Division Gold Singles

Site Name Site Address Site Phone
Beer Vault149 W Columbus Ave Bellefontaine OH, 43311614-499-9313
Black Hat2643 Federated Blvd Columbus OH, 43235614-717-9330
Hat Trick Records117 S Main St Clyde OH, 43410419-603-3675
The Point On Main St1192 Noe Bixby Rd Columbus OH, 43213614-573-8500
Wrigley Field6527 E State Blvd Fort Wayne IN, 46815260-485-1038
Plaza Lanes2641 E. State St. Fremont OH, 43420419-332-1192

Week Date Home Away At Notes
1 02/14/2019
Collins Cunningham Wrigley Field
Davidson Hall Hat Trick Records
Hughes Sandman Beer Vault
Fountaine BYE BYE
2 02/21/2019
Davidson Collins Hat Trick Records
Sandman Fountaine Black Hat
Hughes Cunningham Beer Vault
3 02/28/2019
Cunningham Collins The Point On Main St
Hall Davidson Black Hat
Sandman Hughes Black Hat
BYE Fountaine BYE
4 03/07/2019
Cunningham BYE BYE
Hall Fountaine Black Hat
Collins Sandman Wrigley Field
Davidson Hughes Hat Trick Records
5 03/14/2019
Fountaine Davidson Plaza Lanes
Sandman BYE BYE
Cunningham Hall The Point On Main St
Hughes Collins Beer Vault
6 03/21/2019
Hall Collins Black Hat
Davidson Sandman Hat Trick Records
Fountaine Cunningham Plaza Lanes
BYE Hughes BYE
7 03/28/2019
Hughes Hall Beer Vault
Sandman Cunningham Black Hat
Davidson BYE BYE
Collins Fountaine Wrigley Field
8 04/04/2019
Cunningham Davidson The Point On Main St
Hall Sandman Black Hat
BYE Collins BYE
Hughes Fountaine Beer Vault
9 04/11/2019
Davidson Cunningham Hat Trick Records
Sandman Hall Black Hat
Collins BYE BYE
Fountaine Hughes Plaza Lanes
10 04/18/2019
Collins Davidson Wrigley Field
Fountaine Sandman Plaza Lanes
Cunningham Hughes The Point On Main St
11 04/25/2019
BYE Cunningham BYE
Fountaine Hall Plaza Lanes
Sandman Collins Black Hat
Hughes Davidson Beer Vault
12 05/02/2019
Davidson Fountaine Hat Trick Records
BYE Sandman BYE
Hall Cunningham Black Hat
Collins Hughes Wrigley Field
13 05/09/2019
Collins Hall Wrigley Field
Sandman Davidson Black Hat
Cunningham Fountaine The Point On Main St
Hughes BYE BYE
14 05/16/2019
Hall Hughes Black Hat
Cunningham Sandman The Point On Main St
BYE Davidson BYE
Fountaine Collins Plaza Lanes

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