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1350 Oxley Rd.
Columbus, OH 43212

Schedule Report for TSLF23 - Tues Low Silver Sngl F23

Report Date: 12/10/2023 3:39 PM

# Div. Team / Site Name Captain Name / Site Address Captain / Site Phone
1LowSilver2nd Half Andy
Alexander Diaz
5986 Westerville Rd Westerville, OH 43081
The Jug
Billy Lykins
837 N Houk Rd Delaware, OH 43015
Shag A Lees
Cheola Howard
381 Ashland Rd Mansfield, OH 43312
4LowSilverFilthy Assistant
Jim Simpkins
210 N. Plum Street Marysville, OH 43040
Sloopys Hilliard
Chase Thompson
5488 Roberts Rd Hilliard, OH 43206
6LowSilverGun Show
Tommy Coburn
5986 Westerville Rd Westerville, OH 43081
Sniper Darts Sports
Heather Rodd
2038 W State Street, Fremont, OH 43420
8LowSilverRaging Fire LT
Marshall Harris
5986 Westerville Rd Westerville, OH 43081

Amy Schommer
530 Norton Rd Columbus, OH 43228
Derby Gahanna
Ashley Jamiel
Gahanna, OH 43312

Division LowSilver

Site Name Site Address Site Phone
O'Malley's530 Norton Rd Columbus OH, 43228614-878-0001
Cushions5986 Westerville Rd Westerville OH, 43081614-882-5986
Flamingo210 N. Plum Street Marysville OH, 43040937-642-1936
Sniper Darts Sports2038 W State Street, Fremont OH, 43420
Derby Gahanna Gahanna OH, 43312
Shag A Lees381 Ashland Rd Mansfield OH, 43312
Sloopys Hilliard5488 Roberts Rd Hilliard OH, 43206614-771-5534
The Jug837 N Houk Rd Delaware OH, 43015740-369-3267

Week Date Home Away At Notes
1 9/12/2023
Billy Filthy Assistant The Jug
Gun Show 2nd Half Andy Cushions
Raging Fire LT Breyedgrl Cushions
Schommer Smash O'Malley's
HRodd GBG Sniper Darts Sports
2 9/19/2023
GBG Breyedgrl Sloopys Hilliard
Filthy Assistant 2nd Half Andy Flamingo
HRodd Smash Sniper Darts Sports
Billy Raging Fire LT The Jug
Gun Show Schommer Cushions
3 9/26/2023
Smash Raging Fire LT Derby Gahanna
Breyedgrl Gun Show Shag A Lees
2nd Half Andy Billy Cushions
Filthy Assistant HRodd Flamingo
Schommer GBG O'Malley's
4 10/03/2023
Billy Schommer The Jug
Gun Show HRodd Cushions
Raging Fire LT GBG Cushions
Smash Filthy Assistant Derby Gahanna
Breyedgrl 2nd Half Andy Shag A Lees
5 10/10/2023
2nd Half Andy Schommer Cushions
Filthy Assistant Breyedgrl Flamingo
GBG Smash Sloopys Hilliard
HRodd Raging Fire LT Sniper Darts Sports
Billy Gun Show The Jug
6 10/17/2023
Filthy Assistant Gun Show Flamingo
2nd Half Andy Raging Fire LT Cushions
GBG Billy Sloopys Hilliard
Schommer HRodd O'Malley's
Breyedgrl Smash Shag A Lees
7 10/24/2023
Billy HRodd The Jug
Gun Show GBG Cushions
Raging Fire LT Filthy Assistant Cushions
Smash 2nd Half Andy Derby Gahanna
Schommer Breyedgrl O'Malley's
8 10/31/2023
Gun Show Raging Fire LT Cushions
Billy Smash The Jug
HRodd Breyedgrl Sniper Darts Sports
GBG 2nd Half Andy Sloopys Hilliard
Filthy Assistant Schommer Flamingo
9 11/07/2023
Filthy Assistant GBG Flamingo
2nd Half Andy HRodd Cushions
Breyedgrl Billy Shag A Lees
Smash Gun Show Derby Gahanna
Raging Fire LT Schommer Cushions
10 11/14/2023
Filthy Assistant Billy Flamingo
2nd Half Andy Gun Show Cushions
Breyedgrl Raging Fire LT Shag A Lees
Smash Schommer Derby Gahanna
GBG HRodd Sloopys Hilliard
11 11/21/2023
Breyedgrl GBG Shag A Lees
2nd Half Andy Filthy Assistant Cushions
Smash HRodd Derby Gahanna
Raging Fire LT Billy Cushions
Schommer Gun Show O'Malley's
12 11/28/2023
Raging Fire LT Smash Cushions
Gun Show Breyedgrl Cushions
Billy 2nd Half Andy The Jug
HRodd Filthy Assistant Sniper Darts Sports
GBG Schommer Sloopys Hilliard
13 12/05/2023
Schommer Billy O'Malley's
HRodd Gun Show Sniper Darts Sports
GBG Raging Fire LT Sloopys Hilliard
Filthy Assistant Smash Flamingo
2nd Half Andy Breyedgrl Cushions
14 12/12/2023
Schommer 2nd Half Andy O'Malley's
Breyedgrl Filthy Assistant Shag A Lees
Smash GBG Derby Gahanna
Raging Fire LT HRodd Cushions
Gun Show Billy Cushions
15 12/19/2023
Gun Show Filthy Assistant Cushions
Raging Fire LT 2nd Half Andy Cushions
Billy GBG The Jug
HRodd Schommer Sniper Darts Sports
Smash Breyedgrl Derby Gahanna
16 12/26/2023
HRodd Billy Sniper Darts Sports
GBG Gun Show Sloopys Hilliard
Filthy Assistant Raging Fire LT Flamingo
2nd Half Andy Smash Cushions
Breyedgrl Schommer Shag A Lees
17 1/02/2024
Raging Fire LT Gun Show Cushions
Smash Billy Derby Gahanna
Breyedgrl HRodd Shag A Lees
2nd Half Andy GBG Cushions
Schommer Filthy Assistant O'Malley's
18 1/09/2024
GBG Filthy Assistant Sloopys Hilliard
HRodd 2nd Half Andy Sniper Darts Sports
Billy Breyedgrl The Jug
Gun Show Smash Cushions
Schommer Raging Fire LT O'Malley's

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