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1350 Oxley Rd.
Columbus, OH 43212

Schedule Report for TGDF21 - Tuesday Gold Doubles F21

Report Date: 9/29/2023 4:08 AM

# Div. Team / Site Name Captain Name / Site Address Captain / Site Phone
1Gold DoublesCody And Cheola
Backroom Bar And Gri
Cody Cottrell
880 Laver Rd Mansfield, OH 43312
2Gold DoublesDart Runners
Shane Cade
147 W Main St Lancaster, OH 43130
3Gold DoublesDartical Underground
Tom Ceckitti
5986 Westerville Rd Westerville, OH 43081
4Gold DoublesFire Down
Scott Tigner
530 Norton Rd Columbus, OH 43228
5Gold DoublesIs It In
The Point On Main St
Joe Neibert
1192 Noe Bixby Rd Columbus, OH 43213
6Gold DoublesKessler Dale
Sandy Bobs
Brandon Kessler
2008 OH-199 Carey, OH 43316
7Gold DoublesMcGinnis Nance
Derby East/ The Burg
Patrick McGinnis
6224 E Livingston Reynoldsburg, OH 43068
8Gold DoublesMike Bryan
Bryan McCrickard
530 Norton Rd Columbus, OH 43228

9Gold DoublesSmash And Grab
Shea Cole
3308 Waccamaw Blvd Myrtle Beach, SC 29579
10Gold DoublesSynchronized Swimmrs
Alumni Pub
James Shackelford
6412 Winchester Blvd Canal Winchester, OH 43110

Division Gold Doubles

Site Name Site Address Site Phone
Cushions5986 Westerville Rd Westerville OH, 43081614-882-5986
Sandy Bobs2008 OH-199 Carey OH, 43316419-396-4097
Bootleggers147 W Main St Lancaster OH, 43130740-654-3336
The Point On Main St1192 Noe Bixby Rd Columbus OH, 43213614-573-8500
Magoos3308 Waccamaw Blvd Myrtle Beach SC, 29579843-236-3303
O'Malley's530 Norton Rd Columbus OH, 43228614-878-0001
Alumni Pub6412 Winchester Blvd Canal Winchester OH, 43110614-834-7930
Backroom Bar And Gri880 Laver Rd Mansfield OH, 43312419-589-7671
Derby East/ The Burg6224 E Livingston Reynoldsburg OH, 43068614-755-9507

Week Date Home Away At Notes
1 9/21/2021
Synchronized Swimmrs Mike Bryan Alumni Pub
Dart Runners Is It In Bootleggers
Kessler Dale Dartical Underground Sandy Bobs
McGinnis Nance Cody And Cheola Derby East/ The Burg
Fire Down Smash And Grab O'Malley's
2 9/28/2021
Fire Down Synchronized Swimmrs O'Malley's
Smash And Grab Dart Runners Magoos
Kessler Dale Mike Bryan Sandy Bobs
Is It In Cody And Cheola The Point On Main St
Dartical Underground McGinnis Nance Cushions
3 10/05/2021
Kessler Dale Dart Runners Sandy Bobs
Cody And Cheola Synchronized Swimmrs Backroom Bar And Gri
Dartical Underground Fire Down Cushions
Is It In Smash And Grab The Point On Main St
Mike Bryan McGinnis Nance O'Malley's
4 10/12/2021
Smash And Grab Mike Bryan Magoos
Fire Down Is It In O'Malley's
Synchronized Swimmrs Dartical Underground Alumni Pub
Dart Runners Cody And Cheola Bootleggers
McGinnis Nance Kessler Dale Derby East/ The Burg
5 10/19/2021
Cody And Cheola Fire Down Backroom Bar And Gri
Mike Bryan Is It In O'Malley's
Smash And Grab Dartical Underground Magoos
Synchronized Swimmrs Kessler Dale Alumni Pub
McGinnis Nance Dart Runners Derby East/ The Burg
6 10/26/2021
Mike Bryan Fire Down O'Malley's
Is It In Synchronized Swimmrs The Point On Main St
Dartical Underground Dart Runners Cushions
Cody And Cheola Kessler Dale Backroom Bar And Gri
McGinnis Nance Smash And Grab Derby East/ The Burg
7 11/02/2021
Cody And Cheola Dartical Underground Backroom Bar And Gri
Kessler Dale Is It In Sandy Bobs
Dart Runners Mike Bryan Bootleggers
Synchronized Swimmrs Smash And Grab Alumni Pub
Fire Down McGinnis Nance O'Malley's
8 11/09/2021
McGinnis Nance Synchronized Swimmrs Derby East/ The Burg
Dart Runners Fire Down Bootleggers
Smash And Grab Kessler Dale Magoos
Mike Bryan Cody And Cheola O'Malley's
Is It In Dartical Underground The Point On Main St
9 11/16/2021
Synchronized Swimmrs Dart Runners Alumni Pub
Fire Down Kessler Dale O'Malley's
Smash And Grab Cody And Cheola Magoos
Dartical Underground Mike Bryan Cushions
Is It In McGinnis Nance The Point On Main St
10 11/23/2021
Mike Bryan Synchronized Swimmrs O'Malley's
Is It In Dart Runners The Point On Main St
Dartical Underground Kessler Dale Cushions
Cody And Cheola McGinnis Nance Backroom Bar And Gri
Smash And Grab Fire Down Magoos
11 11/30/2021
Fire Down Cody And Cheola O'Malley's
Is It In Mike Bryan The Point On Main St
Dartical Underground Smash And Grab Cushions
Kessler Dale Synchronized Swimmrs Sandy Bobs
Dart Runners McGinnis Nance Bootleggers
12 12/07/2021
Dart Runners Kessler Dale Bootleggers
Synchronized Swimmrs Cody And Cheola Alumni Pub
Fire Down Dartical Underground O'Malley's
Smash And Grab Is It In Magoos
McGinnis Nance Mike Bryan Derby East/ The Burg
13 12/14/2021
Mike Bryan Smash And Grab O'Malley's
Is It In Fire Down The Point On Main St
Dartical Underground Synchronized Swimmrs Cushions
Cody And Cheola Dart Runners Backroom Bar And Gri
Kessler Dale McGinnis Nance Sandy Bobs
14 12/21/2021
Synchronized Swimmrs McGinnis Nance Alumni Pub
Fire Down Dart Runners O'Malley's
Kessler Dale Smash And Grab Sandy Bobs
Cody And Cheola Mike Bryan Backroom Bar And Gri
Dartical Underground Is It In Cushions
15 12/28/2021
Fire Down Mike Bryan O'Malley's
Synchronized Swimmrs Is It In Alumni Pub
Dart Runners Dartical Underground Bootleggers
Kessler Dale Cody And Cheola Sandy Bobs
Smash And Grab McGinnis Nance Magoos
16 1/04/2022
Dartical Underground Cody And Cheola Cushions
Is It In Kessler Dale The Point On Main St
Mike Bryan Dart Runners O'Malley's
Smash And Grab Synchronized Swimmrs Magoos
McGinnis Nance Fire Down Derby East/ The Burg
17 1/11/2022
Synchronized Swimmrs Fire Down Alumni Pub
Dart Runners Smash And Grab Bootleggers
Mike Bryan Kessler Dale O'Malley's
Cody And Cheola Is It In Backroom Bar And Gri
McGinnis Nance Dartical Underground Derby East/ The Burg
18 1/18/2022
Dart Runners Synchronized Swimmrs Bootleggers
Kessler Dale Fire Down Sandy Bobs
Cody And Cheola Smash And Grab Backroom Bar And Gri
Mike Bryan Dartical Underground O'Malley's
McGinnis Nance Is It In Derby East/ The Burg

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