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Current League Players Report

Report Date: 08/09/2020

League 5S9KAL - Monday Summer Darts

Team Player Nick Name Shoots
Aimed And Dangerous
Mike Stenger STENGER 1
Kristin Greene KG 2
Chris Lowry 3
Jeanne Joiner BITCH1 1
Mary Scheppelman BITCH2 2
Craig Wood 5
Gonna Leave A Mark
Shelia Davenport JUGS 1
Aaron Kolehmainen 2
Jeff And Chris
Jeff Danna 1
Chris Nelson NELSON 2
Off In Church
Judd Mattimore 1
Jordan Scheppelman BIG JOE 2
Sarge And Carlos
Deb Lurges SARGE 1
Gary Salins CARLOS 2
Smellslike Bulls Hit
Johnny Johnson JOHNNY 1
Brenda Sams HEY B 2
Sugar And Spice
Sue Williams TT 1
Rick Scott LUCKY 2
Thunder And Lightnin
Phil Hegwood McIntyre PHILLY 1
Scott Pritchard 2
Shelley Archer DIAMOND 5
Usual Chaos
Christi Cahow 1
Sam Lurges 2
Randy Wicks 3

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